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A smart system

Amazon Alexa is a tool that can link to your other Amazon smart devices, putting full control of your smart home at your disposal. However, most features without the additional products feel useless.

Needless and lacking

Amazon Alexa is a life improvement utility that’s designed to streamline your daily tasks. However, there are some where the service slows you down.

Digital assistants are a powerful tool for anyone too busy to use their hands. Most often you can always activate an assistant by saying keywords that wake the device or software up and causes it to pay attention to your words.

Amazon Alexa is capable of using voice commands to control its actions. While at your computer, you can ask it to read you a book, tell a joke, or recap the latest headlines in the news. This feature is always on, where the app is running in the background or minimized.

Thanks to Alexa’s design, if you have smart appliances or systems that can integrate with Amazon Alexa, it’s possible to control nearly all aspects of your home from your computer. The service still works even while your computer’s screen is locked.

However, to have full control, you’ll need to purchase an Echo device that links everything together and acts as the central point for your smart home. You’ll also require the device or a supported computer system to use voice-activated commands.

When it is useful, without voice commands, many tasks take the same length of time to complete as when you do them manually.

Where can you run this program?

Amazon Alexa is available for Windows 10 or your Xbox One console.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Windows already has a utility that provides many similar features as Alexa does. However, you won’t need to purchase a separate gadget before getting Cortana to function.

Our take

Alexa is a mediocre tool that works best only if you own Amazon’s hardware or have a supported computer. It doesn’t otherwise provide much value, and you’d likely be better off getting an Echo if you want the full experience.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re just looking for a voice assistant, Alexa isn’t anything special. If you’ve got smart devices throughout your home, however, then this program will provide value.


  • Uses voice commands
  • Control your smart home


  • Certain features require supported hardware

Amazon Alexafor Windows


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