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A helping hand when you need it most

Alexa is a friendly, helpful assistance that can be accessed at the touch of a button. Alexa will respond to your voice when you need to know something, covering a range of topics and information.

Not like Siri

Alexa provides handsfree, voice-activated assistance on your mobile phone. The app responds to a variety of questions, from asking about the weather to giving you directions.

Alexa contains a plethora of commands and questions. If the voice-activated application does not recognize what you are saying, the intuitive program will offer alternate suggestions.

Unlike Siri, Alexa does not respond to a specific wake-word. Users first need to open the program and then speak to the app.

The program only works optimally when the latest version of the app is installed on the phone. Failing to update the software can result in some errors.

The standard, voice-activated assistant on iPhone is Siri. Users who prefer Alexa over Siri cannot override Siri and install Alexa as the default option.

Alexa requires you to allow the app to use your location at all times. This can drain the battery life on your mobile device.

If you are living in a Smart home, you can use Alexa to arm and disarm several features inside your house, including speakers, lights, and alarms.

The app features a whisper mode. This is effective when you don’t want to wake up nearby friends of family members.

You can use the Alexa application to reserve an Uber ride. Alexa can be used across multiple devices using iOS.

Music lovers can connect their Alexa account with their Apple music, allowing them to access saved playlists.

Where can you run this program?

Amazon Alexa requires iOS version 11.0 and higher to function.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Siri is often preferred to Alexa, mostly because Siri comes as a standard feature on iPhones.

Our take

Alexa is an effective tool that does not require too much time or attention, but we prefer Siri as the favorite.

Should you download it?

No. Users who have an iPhone should stick with the standard version, Siri.


  • Responds to pre-programmed voice commands
  • Offers suggestions


  • Does not operate with a wake-word
  • Can’t change to default voice control

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Amazon Alexafor iOS


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