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Yahoo Mail: An email service you can rely on

Yahoo Mail is a trusted and classic email application. It simplifies all your mailing needs.

Stay in the loop 


Stay up-to-date with your emails from colleagues, friends and other organizations. Yahoo Mail lets you organize your inbox to suit your needs.

Get the latest mail as it arrives in your inbox. Yahoo Mail is quick and efficient and can update itself in the background. If you find yourself manually updating your mailbox, why not let it do it for you? It can search for new email and display it on your device or browser window. It’s not too heavy on CPU, so you don’t need to worry about slowing your device down.

Open your emails in a clean, updated interface. The app has a fresh look to it, and the simple layout means you can avoid going back and forth through your mail. Navigate the different panes to sift through various folders and inboxes. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support multiple accounts, so you’ll only be able to view mail in one inbox.

Attach files to your emails without waiting ages for them to upload. The app is speedy and lets you add documents, photos and videos to your messages before sending them. Give your emails a professional touch by including a digital signature. These options are well-designed, and the layout makes them easy to find and use.

The app is let down by its lack of in-app photo options. If you want to see a full-size image, you need to leave the app to use the photo viewer. It’s not an efficient way to look at photos when you’re in a rush and could definitely be improved. There is also a lack of filtering for emails that have attachments. It doesn’t affect how the program works, but can be frustrating if you have to search through a busy inbox for attachments.

What are the best features of this app?

Yahoo Mail isn't just about sending and getting emails. It's got a bunch of handy tools that make dealing with your inbox easy and fun. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Instant Alerts: Get notifications right away so you're always in the loop when you receive new emails.
  • Quick Inbox Checks: See how many new emails you have without opening the app, either from your computer's Start menu or your phone's lock screen.
  • Keeping Things Tidy: Sort your emails into folders, use Smart Views to filter them, and choose how you want your emails listed.
  • Bringing Contacts Together: Easily add friends and family from other services like Facebook, Gmail, or Outlook.
  • Doing More at Once: Write, search, and read emails all in one place without having to open new windows.
  • Beautiful Emails: Make your emails look good with special designs from Paperless Post.
  • Finding What You Need: Use Yahoo Mail's top-notch search to quickly find old messages, documents, or pictures.
  • Making It Yours: Change your inbox's look with over 20 themes to choose from.
  • Easy Contact Syncing: Keep your Yahoo Mail and Microsoft People contacts in sync automatically.
  • All Your Emails in One Place: Add your other email accounts to Yahoo Mail for easier access.
  • Better Chats: Use the new Yahoo Messenger to send high-quality photos, "unsend" messages, and use GIFs.

These features make Yahoo Mail a great choice for anyone looking for an email service that does it all, from staying organized to keeping in touch in style.

Why can't I recover my Yahoo Mail?

Sometimes getting back into a Yahoo Mail account can be tricky, especially if you've forgotten some details or it's been a while since you last logged in. Here are the main reasons why you might have trouble:

  • Missing Info: If you don't remember enough about your account, Yahoo might not be able to confirm it's really you.
  • The 30-Day Rule: If an account is deleted and you wait more than 30 days to try to get it back, it might be gone for good. This rule is for your safety, but it means you have to act fast.

Where can you run this program?

Yahoo Mail is available on Windows 8 and 10.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Google Mail has dedicated storage for attachments from emails, and it syncs to a Cloud so that all your files are safely stored away.

Our take

Yahoo Mail is well-designed and has good functionality. Some improvements could be made to the photo viewing options, as well as support for multiple accounts.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you only have one email account, this is a good solution for you. If you have multiple accounts, you’re better off looking for a different app.


  • Friendly interface
  • Simple layout and ease of use
  • Helpful tools and features
  • Updates regularly


  • No support for multiple accounts
  • Doesn’t filter emails with attachments
  • To view images you have to leave the app

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Yahoo Mailfor Windows

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