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Prezi Desktop is the free desktop version of the web-based presentation design software Prezi. The software allows you to use Prezi when offline as long as you were logged in beforehand.


Prezi Desktop has all the same functionality of the original Prezi web app. With this software, you can design simple animated slideshows and presentations for academic and professional settings. Prezi comes with a variety of templates, each of which can be modified and altered as you desire.

The primary draw of Prezi Desktop is offline compatibility. By logging into your Prezi account, you can use the software even if your internet connection gets interrupted. The purpose of this is so you can seamlessly continue a presentation without waiting for the internet to return.

It is possible that Prezi desktop will allow you to continue designing a presentation while offline, though it’s uncertain if this feature is actually included. It’s unlikely that you will be able to save your progress until the internet connection returns, however your workflow can still go uninterrupted.


Prezi is often seen as an unprofessional presentation design software. This is due in large part to the cartoonish nature of its animated transitions. The software can also be difficult to work with when starting from scratch.

When starting from scratch, the software must be designed individually and animated through standardized animations. This turns templates into almost a necessity, and it’s very difficult to modify these to better suit your needs.


When comparing competition for presentation design software, the ease of use and professional reputation of the software is key. Microsoft Powerpoint is the most common choice for designing business-quality slideshows and presentations. The software provides a massive suite of tools for the accomplishment of this goal, but unlike Prezi is not free.

Google Slides is a common choice for teams, which lets you split the work up over the internet between collaborators. While not functional offline, the app enables remote collaboration for presenting and designing.

Our take

Prezi Desktop is, overall easy to use with its clean templates and animations, but difficult to master due to the fixed nature of the animations.

Should you download it?

No, the software is free but does not surpass its competitors.


  • Free
  • Design animated presentations


  • Rigid
  • Unprofessional

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Prezi desktopfor Windows


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