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Lets you enjoy all the features and comforts that come with most word processors, and it’s free.

AbiWord is a free word processor that is an alternative to other paid services. It offers all the basic features you would expect, plus some extras, so you can type away effortlessly.

Simple, easy, word processing

The program has many options to hide various functions and leave you with a blank page to work on.

This software has all the basics of a word processor included. Change the writing style, add columns, tables, footnotes and more. You can also insert audio and video clips, and images into your documents.

AbiWord has a simple interface so you don’t need to learn your way around it. Seamlessly create documents with little fuss.

Work distraction-free and use AbiWord as an online option for writing. Hide toolbars and other menus so you can declutter your workspace. 

Add extra plugins during installation, a feature that isn’t available on other word processors. Enhance your writing with translating services, a dictionary, and Google search.

AbiWord understands that your writing is unique to you. That’s why they allow you to create custom-style documents. Create templates with your chosen options, so you don’t waste time fiddling about with the settings each time.

Sprinkle a personal touch over your documents with the ability to add a custom image or coloured backgrounds. Set your work apart from other documents and create templates with these features as well.

Open your documents on other word processors. The program is compatible with popular file formats such as DOCX. If you open your work on another word processor, the document will convert into a compatible format. Seamlessly transfer your work across other devices, even if they don’t have AbiWord downloaded.

The only pitfall of this software is the inability to see print previews. The program requires an external image to read the file. Most operating systems will have a program that can do this, but it can cause issues if your desktop doesn’t.

Where can you run this program?

AbiWord is only available on Windows operating systems. It can only be installed on desktop.

Is there a better alternative?

You won’t find a better alternative that has all these features for free. If you are looking for something that has cross-platform functionality, try Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Our take

This is a light, easy-to-use software that enables you to bring out your creative side. It’s economic and has many useful features to enrich your writing.

Should you download it?

Download AbiWord if you’re looking for a free word processor with great features. It’s fuss-free and definitely better than paid alternatives. 


  • Easy interface
  • Affordable
  • Compatible formats


  • No print preview
  • Buggy online backup
  • No saves as you type

AbiWordfor Windows


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