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Improve project management

Trello is a kanban productivity software. Most users take advantage of Trello in the browser, but this app shows that native performance is much better.

All the familiar features

Trello for Windows brings project management tools to your desktop. It’s so much faster than the browser experience, and it looks better too.

This desktop application for Trello brings the productivity out of the browser and into a native app. With this comes desktop notifications, a better full-screen experience, and multi-window support.

The added shortcuts also improve productivity. You can add cards from anywhere, or bring up a Trello board anywhere on your screen.

You’ll find all of the usual features here. You can create cards, lists, and labels. You have control over the due dates of cards, and you can add users as members to cards so they’re updated on changes. You can visit your home screen, create a team, and manage the members.

You can also take advantage of Butler automation as well. You’re able to create buttons that save time on repetitive actions, and create rules that move or change cards whenever they meet certain conditions.

All of this works with your already-existing Trello account. There’s no need to migrate information: just log in.

Where can you run this program?

Trello for Windows is only available for Windows 10 version 14316.0 or higher. The MacOS version requires OS X 10.10.0 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Miro and Kanboard are good alternative tools, but they’re not as intuitive as Trello is.

Our take

Frequent Trello users will find all of the features they know in this package. While the Windows native application doesn’t bring in much that’s not in the browser version, it still feels cleaner and runs better.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re working through Trello a lot, then this app will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.


  • All features of the browser version
  • Improved speed
  • Good interface and responsiveness


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    Trellofor Windows


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