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Logger Pro offers the most advanced methods of collecting and analyzing data. Monitor your experiments and test your results through a variety of graphing functions and video analysis.

Data analysis and projections

Save, share, and upload your results to any collection platform including LabPro and ProScope.

Logger Pro lets you collect and analyze data in maximum detail. The app has a multitude of functions that support the work at any level of complexity. From basic econometrics to professional experimentations, Logger Pro has viable options to produce the most accurate results.

Create your experiment in any subject. Find helpful tutorials to get you started on the basics. Keep in mind that as your project progresses, required functions become more advanced, and you’d need critical knowledge on the topic to continue. Save time on difficult calculations as Logger Pro is designed to solve any mathematical equations. The app analyzes your input and displays projected movements of your data. This feature auto-adjusts data format based on your curriculum.

Logger Pro extracts data from all sources and imports them into your archive. Vernier has a list of data collecting software that are compatible with this app. Retrieve information directly from any Vernier sensors and supplement your progress. 

More complex experiments require features such as video analysis and column calculation. Utilize powerful tools to refine your graphs. Reproduce your videos in deeper detail with the frame tracker, and motion definer. Acquire data from an active clip or a single captured screenshot.

Where can you run this program?

Logger Pro runs on Windows 7 and up. It also runs on Mac.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Logger Pro’s powerful algorithm helps you solve the most convoluted mathematical problems with or without sufficient data. Similar programs like IBM SPSS have some of these functions.

Our take

Logger Pro allows you to do less work for better results. Definitely one of the best ways to diversify your approach to an experiment.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download Logger Pro to enhance your work and produce finer results.

Logger Profor Windows


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