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Create memorable notes for free with Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes is a simple but useful application that does exactly what it says. You can take quick notes with the app and keep them on your desktop to remind you. The application works on most computing platforms and doesn't require many resources to run. Similar applications include Evernote and Wunderlist.

Make quick notes when and where you need them with Simple Sticky Notes

The app provides a no thrills approach to creating memos and comes with some customization options for users who want to express their individuality. Simple Sticky Notes places notes on your desktop by default but comes with a button to hide the notes when they are not needed.

Jot down your ideas or grocery list

Simple Sticky Notes works just like normal sticky notes so you can write just about anything on them. The app also allows you to add other items to the notes like images and links to websites. Users can create an unlimited amount of sticky notes with the app and you can select which ones should be shown and hide the ones with less importance for an uncluttered desktop.

Our take

Simple Sticky Notes is a good productivity tool for almost anyone. The app might look simple at first glance but this simplicity is part of what makes it such a great productivity tool. Simple Sticky Notes can be used by almost anyone and it doesn't require any advanced IT knowledge.

Should you download it?

Simple Sticky Notes is a good solution for taking notes on the fly. The application doesn't require many resources and it can be used to easily keep track of day-to-day activities. The app has a few settings that can be used to customize it as needed, making it an excellent choice for busy users.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Ability to add links and images to notes.
  • Interchangeable fonts and colors are available.


  • No reminder feature.
  • No ability to highlight text in notes.
  • No ability to share notes via the cloud.

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Simple Sticky Notesfor Windows


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