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Word on the street is you won’t find a better processor. Create high-quality documents, essays, and more with Microsoft Word 2019.

Do more with Word 2019

Microsoft newest version of Office Suite, offering a more refined version of Word.

Type, edit and publish documents on Word 2019, the latest word processor by Microsoft. The published has improved this product’s features, but it remains similar to its original layout.

Work in real-time with colleagues on a document to make changes with minimum hassle. You can see who has edited the piece and even make comments as you go along. The program automatically updates itself so that you can update a file efficiently and smoothly.

Break language barriers with the all-new translation tool. This feature enables you to translate specific phrases or the whole page into another language, so you don’t need to waste time using external software. Set the proofing language to any of those available in Word’s large accessory pack. Send off a perfectly polished document without any spelling or grammatical errors and impress the recipient.

Reading long essays or other tedious texts can be straining. Adjust the spacing width and page color to give your eyes a break. Feeling extra tired? This program can read the text to you and make those late-night study sessions a whole lot easier.

Don’t underestimate this software’s capacity as a word processor. The addition of LaTeX and 3D images converts this application into a powerful learning tool. Bring your project to life with 3D models and being able to write formulas to alter some of the models. Some may argue that these features are too elaborate, but Word remains a simple platform for all your basic document writing needs as well.

Where can you run this program?

This program can be run on Windows 10 and above. There’s another version available for Mac; as well as installable versions for Android and Apple products.

Is there a better alternative?

No, this software outdoes its competition and has various tools to suit all needs. If you want a free alternative, try Google Docs.

Our take

This application is a great word processor that goes beyond the typical formatting program and has elements of language, math, and science integrated into its features. It still rings true to its roots and doesn’t let down Microsoft Office customers.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s incredibly well-equipped and worth the price.

Microsoft Wordfor Windows


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