Microsoft Whiteboardfor Windows



A free planning application

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free application that functions as a standard office whiteboard, letting you write and sketch ideas to share. The Windows app allows multiple users to collaborate on one project file simultaneously while online. The whiteboard saves your edits automatically, making it easy to open and close as you need during a meeting.

Plan your ideas

Microsoft Whiteboard functions similarly to a standard office or school whiteboard that you draw on using markers. The app provides a clean white screen and a toolbar at the bottom with pens and other tools. You can use your mouse to list ideas or plot images. However, due to the inaccuracy of drawing with a mouse, images created will be less accurate than if sketched on a piece of paper.

Collaborate online

The Microsoft Whiteboard application allows you to share your current project with coworkers online. You can work on the same file with multiple people and sketch out and generate new ideas or update your plans. This feature makes it ideal for holding online meetings with coworkers when you need to visually explain concepts or tutorials.

Variety of tools

In the lower toolbar, you can select one of many pen options and colors. This variety helps you display your ideas or additions to an already-established project. Additionally, there’s an erase tool in case you make a mistake.

Saves automatically

While you work on the Microsoft Whiteboard application, you don’t need to worry about losing data due to a crash. The app constantly saves your progress automatically throughout the project session. 

Add a sticky note

One of the extra tools available is a selection of sticky notes with multiple designs. You can choose any of the items and paste them on your whiteboard. Once you have an ideal location with the piece fixed in place, simply write what you want to be displayed on the note.

Our take

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great application that’s useful for students and workers who frequently hold online meetings. Alternatively, you can use Lucidspark or Bluescape as idea-sharing tools for work. However, there’s no Microsoft Whiteboard Android available to download for your phone.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a reliable way to share ideas with co-workers from the comfort of your own home, this app is a fantastic choice to download.


  • Quickly note ideas
  • Automatic saving
  • Collaborate with others
  • Variety of pen types
  • Plenty of tools


  • No Android app

Microsoft Whiteboardfor Windows


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