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YTV Player Pro: Easy access to saved video links

YTV Player Pro, an upgrade to the original YTV Player app, promises a smoother and more feature-packed experience for video enthusiasts. But does it deliver on its promises, especially for die-hard football fans like you? This review dives into the app's features, usability, safety, and alternatives to help you decide if it's worth downloading.

What is YTV Player Pro?

Think of YTV Player Pro as a video player on steroids. Not only does it play your favorite videos, but it also lets you:

Link management

  • Save and edit links: Organize your favorite videos by saving their links within the app. This can include links to YouTube videos, websites with embedded videos, or even specific time stamps within longer videos.
  • Easy access: Once saved, you can quickly access your videos without needing to search for them online again. This can be especially useful for frequently watched content.
  • Editing capabilities: Modify saved links if the URL changes or you want to adjust the starting point within a video.

Quick playback

  • Reduced buffering: The app claims to optimize video loading for faster playback with minimal buffering, which can be frustrating when waiting for videos to start.
  • Faster streaming: This could be particularly beneficial for watching short clips or live streams where quick loading times are crucial.

Screen customization

  • Aspect ratio adjustment: Change the video's aspect ratio to fit your screen size or preference. This can be helpful for watching videos with different aspect ratios from your device's default.
  • Screen rotation control: Lock the screen orientation in portrait or landscape mode for comfortable viewing regardless of how you hold your device.

How to use YTV Player Pro?

Using YTV Player Pro is straightforward. Just download the app, add your desired video links, and hit play. You can even personalize your experience by saving and organizing your links for easy access.

Is it safe to use YTV Player Pro?

While the app itself appears legitimate, caution is necessary due to the content it might access. Streaming copyrighted content illegally can lead to legal repercussions. Ensure you only use the app for authorized sources and avoid potentially harmful content.

Best alternatives to YTV Player Pro

  • MX Player: A versatile video player with advanced features like subtitle support and hardware acceleration.
  • VLC Media Player: Another widely used option offering playback for various video formats and streaming functionality.
  • YouTube: For official football matches and licensed content, YouTube provides a safe and legal platform.

Our take

YTV Player Pro offers convenient features for managing and viewing videos, but its safety depends on how you use it. Stick to legitimate sources and be mindful of potential copyright issues. Additionally, some users report occasional malfunctions during high-traffic events like major matches.

Should you download it?

If you frequently watch videos from authorized sources and value the link management and customization features, YTV Player Pro could be worth trying. However, prioritize safety and legal compliance, and explore alternative players like MX Player or VLC if you need broader format support or prefer official platforms like YouTube for specific content.

Remember, while the app may have helped you personally, individual experiences don't guarantee overall safety or reliability. Choose wisely and enjoy your video-watching experience responsibly!


  • Organized link management
  • Faster playback
  • Customization


  • Safety concerns
  • Limited information

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YTV Player Profor Android


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