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CapCut is a free mobile video editor app by Bytedance that gives you access to advanced editing features, much like InShot Video Editor, Magisto Video Editor, and Video Show. Once you’re done editing a video, you can save the file in an acceptable format to play on other video players. There are a few options for selecting the output quality, including high definition.

The application features a few extra tools to enhance your video. There are music tracks, effects, and filters for you to add. You can also place some stickers on specific locations to create a trademark for your content.

Top features of CapCut

While CapCut has numerous editing tools, there are three that stand out from the rest. You can reverse your videos if you want to play it backward, while there’s a split function where you can divide it at an exact frame. It also lets you control the playback speed if you want to slow the video down or speed it up. However, there are a few basic editing tools missing that other brands have.

Excellent music selection

If you want to add an exciting beat to your video, CapCut has a large selection of backing tracks and music. Some of these are free, while you may have to pay for others. They are easy to insert into your video, while the playback quality is superb

Special effects

There are some other items you can add to your video. For instance, you can choose from various special effects, such as retro, party, and dreamy. There are also numerous seasonal and color filters to play with until you create your desired effect. Finally, don’t be afraid to slap on a sticker or two.

Our take

CapCut is an exciting choice for video editors who want to change movie content on their phones. If you’re a budding film producer, you can quickly alter a video’s quality and settings and add a few more effects. Ultimately, you’ll be able to share it with your audience and gain some practice in this industry.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you’re into video editing. However, CapCut is severely limited by how much your phone can handle.


  • Several effects
  • Includes unique features
  • Add music tracks
  • Split your videos


  • Limited by your device’s resources
  • A few essential editing tools missing

CapCutfor Android


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