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Voice record and transcribe to text

Take advantage of this app to record lectures or leave voice notes for yourself. You can listen later to make sure you don't miss important sections.

Convenient reminders

Recorder is a convenient and reliable way to make audio notes on the go and save them for later.

You can record audio at any time and this intuitive application converts it into text. You can search and edit the text once you save the file.

This smart platform is available to use offline. You can take notes anywhere and at any time.

It transcribes your speech automatically. There’s no special menu option or button for this. For the most part, transcribing is accurate, but there are occasions where an error might occur.

When you label recordings you can search for them later on. Different conditions and quality settings might allow for a small amount of outside noise. Generally, though, the program is clear and easy to understand. It attempts to minimize white noise

Google Recorder doesn’t identify different speakers in an interview or casual chat. It also doesn’t automatically apply labels. This feature would be convenient for separating the different voices in text format.

Recordings cannot be saved in an MP3 format. It’s also worth noting that the app only works with the English language.

You can add the location and a specific title to individual recordings for referencing and tracking purposes. After a recording is complete, you can save them to Google Drive.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on Android devices with version 9.0 and higher.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There are a lot of apps that offer a voice recorder but very few of them transcribe to text. TranscribeMe is another option but it lacks the level of quality present in Google Recorder.

Our take

Google Recorder is a fast and effective way to take notes in lectures, important meetings, or any occasion where you don’t have a pen and paper present. It has an appealing and minimalistic interface.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a useful speech-to-text tool to take accurate notes, this is the app for you.


  • Record and save audio notes
  • Features a transcriber
  • Label recordings
  • Reduces white noise


  • Sometimes presents inaccurate transcriptions
  • Can’t store recordings in an MP3 format

Program available in other languages

Recorderfor Android


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