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A free multinational drama streaming app

The WeTV app by Image Future is a free streaming service dedicated to various styles of drama and movies. The app, available only on Android devices, provides users with a refreshing experience and easy-to-navigate interface. The app offers original shows, movies, and other content that can’t be found anywhere else.


WeTV’s primary feature is the ability to stream episodes of various shows through Android devices predominately Chinese and Korean dramas and movies. The app is designed with an intuitive interface, and various trivia games to immerse audiences.

WeTV is able to provide users with anywhere from minimum to Blu-ray quality footage. Subtitles are available in various languages. A particularly interesting feature of the interface is the method for controlling videos. Swiping on the screen in certain ways to control features.

WeTV offers a subscription service that allows you to skip advertisements. Additionally, as a subscriber, you can watch your favorite shows as soon as they air.


WeTV has many issues when upgrading to a VIP subscription. The app begins to show error messages after the upgrade, payments do not properly process, and repeated attempts will go through with no further benefit beyond the first. This issue is also compounded by the VIP exclusive series.

Some of the highest-rated shows on WeTV have been content-restricted to VIP subscribers only. The app is also amongst over 40 apps that are banned in India due to an embargo on Chinese apps despite being based in Thailand.


The competition for WeTV is as expansive as the genres it covers, but there are two main alternatives worth considering. Line TV and iQIYI Video both provide similar services to WeTV, with a similar cost. Line TV is functionally nearly identical to WeTV, even down to the various glitches.

iQIYI is a different story, featuring more than just drama and movies, but also including anime and other genres. iQIYI also seems to lack the destructive glitches and breaks of the others, as well. Other potential alternatives include YouTube.

Our take

WeTV is an app for streaming high-quality dramas from a variety of countries. The app has many glitches but stands side by side with some competitors. Overall, its features are lacking in comparison to its competitors.

Should you download it?

No, there are alternatives with fewer glitches.


  • Free
  • Highly intuitive interface


  • VIP program restricts access to fan favorites
  • Glitches and bugs

Program available in other languages

WeTVfor Android

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