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Advanced media player app

DuplexPlay is a media player for Android devices, from smartphones to TVs. It lets you play videos, create and customize playlists, and watch IPTV channels. All you need to do is upload your content and the advanced options will organize it any way you like.

Easy playlist manipulation

DuplexPlay features revolve around playlist creation. Once you upload a clip from your gallery or a third-party source, the intuitive toolset makes the organization seamless. You can organize your film collection in the app. However, a movie-oriented app like Emby Premiere is better suited for large files.

Other DuplexPlay features include:

  • A resume playback function that backs up your progress
  • A time slider for moving to a precise position within a playlist
  • Embedded subtitle support


User-friendly interface

DuplexPlay supports various video and audio track formats. You can arrange your clips into categories after the upload for quick access. Embedded groups are easy to add to new or existing playlists.

Since the app doesn’t provide any original content, adding yours is a simple click of a button. The ‘Add’ button provides instructions for adding videos from other sources, such as YouTube. Then, visit the ‘Manage’ window and organize everything before naming and saving the layout.

Similar to Plex, this player operates across devices with an Android operating system. Additionally, you can access the playlists you created on your phone or smart TV and enjoy a consistent experience.

Free trial & activation

This app isn’t free to use, but there’s a 7-day free trial before purchasing a subscription.

You’ll have to pay an activation fee after the week is over to keep using the player. If you plan on enjoying IPTV channels in-app, you’ll need to get a separate subscription package and enter the appropriate credentials.

Our take

While DuplexPlay comes with several advanced features to boost your streaming experience, it has too many limitations to become your go-to app. 

Should you download it?

No. Many alternatives offer a better price-to-feature ratio for your multimedia activities.


  • Easy playlist management
  • Advanced organization features
  • Straightforward user interface


  • Payment required
  • Separate IPTV subscription necessary
  • For Android devices only

Program available in other languages

Duplex Playfor Android


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