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Imagine working in a cafe and finding it hard to concentrate because of the background noise. So you plug in your earphones and watch how the people around you slowly fade into your favorite work playlist. This scenario is made possible by on-demand music streaming services apps like Amazon Music Unlimited, a tech giant's bet in the streaming service game. It basically offers the same service as Prime Music which is exclusively offered to Prime members of the online retail company. The platform’s popularity became even bigger with the help of Amazon Echo and Alexa. However, without the famed smart speaker and digital assistant, can it compare to other music applications of its kind?

Amazon’s take on the music streaming service business

Music streaming programs such as Amazon Music Unlimited make it easier for you to access the best and the latest music whenever you need it.

We all know that music is an ever-growing industry and with the latest tech developments, jamming on your favorite tunes became a different experience. 

Amazon Prime Music but better? 

Amazon tries to it clear that Amazon Music Unlimited is different from Amazon Prime Music. That's probably why Prime Members still need to pay more on top of their Prime fees. However, there's only one feature that sets the two apart. The online retail giant promises that their standalone music streaming service product is equipped with 'tens of millions' of songs whereas the Prime Music on offers 2 million. If you care about the variety of artists and playlists you want to explore, Amazon Music Unlimited is definitely a better —and a more expensive—option. 

Music experience

Amazon Music Unlimited's client across several platforms are uniform. This eliminates the confusion when it comes to navigating on your desktop app and on your mobile app. You can search for songs by title, artist, or genre, and it's easy to create playlists if you feel like curating your music based on your mood. Sing along to the newly released track with scrolling lyrics, a feature that's not built-in on Spotify. Going around the Android application goes without a hitch because of its simple and straightforward interface. 

Its integration with Amazon smart speakers like Echo brings listening to music to another level. You can queue music while doing other tasks by voicing out commands with the help of Alexa. If you're not familiar with the title of the song you want to hear, you can search songs by lyrics or you can command Alexa to play songs based on your mood. It's definitely a hassle-free way to enjoy music.

Plans and prices

Amazon offers its music subscription service on three different payment schemes. Get the month to month plan if you want less commitment to their service. Prices are also cut down if you are an existing prime member. To save more money, you can opt for the Family plan which you can use on up to six devices. Own an Echo speaker? You may sign up solely for that gadget at a lower cost. Students can also get discounts, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

While these are all amazing to hear, Amazon Music Unlimited doesn't come close to its competitors like Spotify. There's only a limited variety of devices you can connect it to whereas the latter allows you to play music on almost anything. Prices are also a little bit higher for non-Prime members compared to prices from other music streaming service providers. 

Where can you run this program?

Amazon Music Unlimited is perfect for those on the go as it supports both Android and iOS platforms. Amazon Music's mobile application looks closely like the web and desktop application. You may also use it to for songs using lyrics and play tracks through the Alexa tech. For optimal music experience, however, it's Amazon Music Unlimited pairs really with Echo devices. 

This streaming service also runs other platforms including Windows and Mac. You can also download the desktop app to enjoy music while doing other tasks. If you can’t use your own computer but still want to listen to your favorite playlist, you can access your account using the web app. Unlike in the program itself, however, you cannot use Amazon Alexa to queue music. 

Is there a better alternative?

Spotify is one of the biggest names in the music streaming business. This comes to no surprise as it is packed with so many features and includes a wide variety of music, radio stations, and podcasts to listen to. You may also play music on other devices using Spotify Connect. Controlling music on your Echo using the desktop app goes without a hitch. You can even listen to your favorite song on your smart TVs. Additionally, some car manufacturers have built-in access so you can jam while on the road. Spotify also offers three plans, Unlimited, Premium, and Family. 

Much like Spotify and Amazon Music, Pandora also allows you to listen to stream music from the internet. You can get if for free or you may sign up for their premium packages. It has a comprehensive recommendation model that allows you to discover new music that you will like. You can play songs on several mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Sadly, it's only available in the US, so using it while traveling to different countries could be a problem.

Our take

Even if you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for a cheaper price on Prime, Spotify still overpowers it when it comes to features. Sure, it goes well with Echo devices, but that just about it. Meanwhile, other music streaming service platforms are compatible with a wider range of devices so you can enjoy listening to your playlists wherever you are. 

Should you download it? 

Yes, but bear in mind Amazon Music Unlimited offers decent music streaming service but it pales in comparison to other platforms of its kind and price point.


  • Wide music selection
  • Discount offered to Amazon Prime members
  • Simple interface


  • Recommendation algorithm could be better
  • No free plan
  • Sound quality needs improvement

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