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Pluto TV is a TV streaming service application for Android devices. The app has an extensive library of content on-demand and over 100 channels for you to stream. The service is available for free with no contract or purchase required.

Entirely free

Pluto TV is a free service with no form of payment required before you start watching. With the application downloaded, you can quickly find a movie or show to watch. However, the app still has advertisements that will pop up while you use it.

With only a few advertisements, you can watch the NFL on your phone or binge-watch your favorite episodes of Startrek.

Video on demand 

One of the features that Pluto TV offers is a large library of videos on demand. You can quickly find these without needing a channel or waiting for it to eventually air. There are over 1000 movies and shows available to watch instantly.

The list of series available on-demand is continually increasing but currently includes The Birdcage, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, Mad Max, and The Kite Runner.

Over 100 channels

You can access over 100 different channels on Pluto TV with only the advertisements to interrupt your viewing session. Some of the channels include Hell’s Kitchen Channel, Pluto TV Crime, CBS News, and an entire slot dedicated to Classical Doctor Who. However, you can’t choose which episodes you watch, unlike the video-on-demand option.

Low quality

The main downside of Pluto TV, aside from the ads, is a low video quality that all your shows and movies stream regularly. The low resolution makes Chromecasting or sharing your screen through other methods a wasted effort. However, if you’re watching on a phone or small tablet screen, this issue is almost negligible.

Our take

Pluto TV is a decent streaming service with a large amount of content available for free. However, it doesn’t compare with alternatives such as YouTube and Netflix due to the differences in quality. The application is still worth downloading due to the many entertaining movies and shows.

Should you download it?

Yes; if you’re looking for a free TV application on your Android device or can’t find your shows on Hulu or Tubi, this app is a great choice.


  • Free TV
  • Watch over 1,000 titles


  • Low video resolution

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Pluto TVfor Android


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