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Wonder what you will like with a beard or when you are 60?

FaceApp is a photo editing software that lets you make plenty of fun changes on your face.  This photo app will show you with its various transformation effects.

Face transforming app

Concise statement summarizing our take on this product.

When you take a selfie or load a self-portrait, the photo platform works its magic. Once done, you get a list of different transformational effects. This includes your impression, age, eye color, and much more.

Selecting these effects will give you a series of change you want to be applied to your face. You can add glasses to your face or a goatee beard with just a simple tap and swipe gesture. The app can even change your gender or into a celebrity. Think you might look with ink on your cheeks? FaceApp can add a tattoo to your face as well.

The transformation effect looks nearly authentic or done by a professional photoshop user is thanks to FaceApp using neural networks in rendering anyone’s face. The tech makes the changes look natural and not superimposed like a cartoon or anime effect.

FaceApp makes its photo editing platform more fun with a different comparison setting. You can see four different transformations on your face with a Collage or set it to just two faces with the Duo set. The app even has a gif option that shows your face slowly changes.The app also lets you change the background of your selfie. You can appear to be in a city or have the sky behind you.

Where can you run this program?

FaceApp is compatible with devices running on Android 5.0 and up. It is also compatible with Apple devices that have the iOS 9.0 OS or better.

Is there a better alternative?

Many photo editing apps have the same face altering tech as FaceApp such as AgingBooth. As the name suggests, this platform makes you look older. AgingBooth is also free to use.

Our take

FaceApp made headlines because of its neural network tech that makes real changes to your face. You can even transform other people’s faces with the app. In addition, newer versions of the software add more effects. The only issue you might find with the app is how it is a paid service and other software provide the same effects for free. But, those free apps can only achieve one or two of FaceApp effects. The pro version also has three different payment options that make it accessible to nearly everyone.

Should you download it?

Yes, FaceApp lets you have fun with your and anyone’s selfies with its numerous effects. You can definitely make plenty of wacky avatars for your social media profile pics and much more.


  • Face customization
  • Multiple comparison window
  • Morphing transformation
  • Background effect


  • Most options behind a pay wall
  • Updates may remove Pro Version

FaceAppfor Android

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