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Wide collection of inhouse productions and popular shows

There’s an upcoming app found in the background of competing streaming sites. It’s called Amazon Prime, the ones who brought Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to TV. But they’ve done so much more than that and continue to do so,

Pay only for the channels you actually want to watch.

The platform is empowering its users to stay in control of their consumption

The biggest problem with cable TV is paying for access to over 50 channels and ending up watching up to 3 of them at most. Prime members can pick from a selection of channels that include HBO, Cinemax, Comedy Central Stand-Up, and more.

Checking a show out before you purchase access to it will help you with making more informed decisions. Amazon will let you watch television show pilots for free under one condition. Ads will appear before and between the episode.

Travel the world with Amazon Prime app.

 Among its large collection of movies are Bollywood favorites. Get a taste of India and its many regions through their cinema. Find titles like Baar Baar Dekho and the Dhoom series here.

The app gives you an option to stream television shows and movies online or save it on your device for offline viewing. You can also opt for a short-term arrangement with Amazon’s video rental. This feature is super helpful especially if you don’t have a stable signal or internet connection.

Learn new things every day

Discover facts you didn’t know about the show you just watched through X-Ray. This is good for when you can’t seem to place which movie you’ve seen a certain actor before. IMDb works with the app to provide biographical information about actors and their projects.

Binge free of worries. The app won’t let you get carried away and max your bandwidth cap. It has a data saving feature that will let you set how much data you want to spend that day.

Where can you run this program?

Watch different Amazon Prime tv shows and movies on any Android and iOS devices. You can also watch it on your desktop and Smart TV, too.

Is there a better alternative?

Netflix is a fierce competitor of this video streaming platform. They offer impressive originals like Stranger Things as well as Oscar-nominated films like Roma. However, their plans are pricier compared to Amazon’s.

Our take

You also get a lot of perks when you start using Amazon Prime. However, not all of its features can be used by people around the world. Features like video purchasing and rental only work for select countries.

Should you download it?

Yup. You can download the app and start binging on Amazon Prime movies.


  • Free fast shipping
  • Offers exclusive deals
  • Unlimited reading materials


  • Reported bugs
  • Limited show collection
  • Music library does not have range as other streaming platforms

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Amazon Prime Videofor Android


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