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Online service to make mailing easier

This web service makes it easy for personal clients to send mail. It also has specific options for medium to large companies that provide deliveries en masse. 

Deliveries made easy

Logistics experts help you getting organized to optimize your mailing service. has a large team of dedicated mailing professionals that are involved in reducing the stress and organization that you would otherwise have to deal with. They offer tons of options tailored to every delivery need you have.

You can find multilocation solutions among the features provided. This means that you can manage every penny involved across all of your offices and users.

Another great way to help you out is with their automated shipping solutions. This means that every time you use their service, it selects the best rate available at that moment. Also, they notify customers with tracking information. Like this you can forget all the hassle of handling personalized messages with each client.

Stamps focus on speed makes integration for warehouse systems especially easy. 

So is the app itself worth it? All of the functions listed above are present in the website. The app itself doesn’t offer anything new in terms of convenience or features. Sure, the layout of the app might be easier to navigate, but the difference is otherwise negligible.

Where can you run this program? is accessible on any web browser. This means you can access their service from any device. Their downloadable app is available for Windows platforms only.

Is there a better alternative?

For the website itself, no. Stamps dominates the market with their high number of qualified experts that have years of experience providing this service.

Our take

You should give it a try. The service is exceptional and you can pull out at any time if you’re not satisfied.

Should you download it?

Yes, but you should first check out the web service. The app doesn’t necessarily make things any easier or offer anything that the web-based version doesn’t. While the app may seem more convenient, it’s a bit buggy and still dependent on your internet connection.


  • Simple process
  • Free trial
  • Tons of features


  • Hit and miss support
  • USPS exclusive vendor
  • App boasts no major advantages over the website

Stamps.comfor Windows


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