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Convert PDF files to Excel quickly and easily

PDF files are great, but the format is not exactly user-friendly when you have to extract data for use in another application like Microsoft Excel. In cases like these, Free PDF to Excel Converter is a very handy application to have. The application converts files quickly, and preserves the formatting and quality of text and images. Applications that are similar to Free PDF to Excel Converter includes PDF to JPEG converter and Total PDF Converter.

Convert PDF documents quickly

Free PDF to Excel Converter is a user-friendly document converter with an easy to understand user interface. The application offers a variety of conversion options and also includes an automatic conversion option. The automatic conversion option converts the data from PDF to XLS format and creates the appropriate formatting in Excel.

Manually specify formatting settings

For more advanced users, the application offers the possibility to define custom formatting. Under this mode, the Free PDF to Excel Converter application can export data to specific columns in Excel so that it is easier to work with. Irrespective of the mode that is used to carry out a conversion, the quality of the exported data is maintained.

Our take

Free PDF to Excel Converter is a lightweight application that doesn't require too many resources to run, which makes it a good file converter for most people. The app has a clearly laid out user-interface that makes for quick and simple operation, irrespective of the skill levels of the user. In our opinion, the application is quite useful for people who often work with documents.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should add this application to your collection. The Free PDF to Excel Converter application is a useful tool that can come in handy more often than not.


  • Preserves image quality and data integrity during conversion.
  • Doesn't require advanced IT knowledge to use.
  • Clearly laid out user interface.
  • Automatic and manual conversion modes are available.


  • Trial version allows only limited conversions.
  • Not available for all operating systems.
  • No ability to edit file metadata during conversion.
  • On occasion, data is misplaced after conversion.

Free PDF to Excel Converterfor Windows


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