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Free Print to PDF is a free software that allows you to use the print to PDF function on nearly any file. This function allows you to convert almost any file into a PDF and then print it.


Free Print to PDF allows you to convert files into a PDF, which stands for portable document format. This is done by choosing the file that you want to print, and then selecting the software as a printer. This saves the file in a PDF while optimizing it for printing later.

By using Free Print to PDF, you enable your PDF files to be printed with ease. This prevents issues such as incompatibility from occurring during the printing process.


The Free Print to PDF software is a highly simplistic tool, in most cases. Most software that can print also has an integrated ability to save as a PDF. Similarly, most PDF files are fully functional with modern-day printers.

Issues with compatibility are usually from using an outdated printer or from a problem with the connection of the printer, and unfortunately, there isn't a workaround with this app.


While there are currently no direct competitors to this software, there are other apps that perform more or less the same. Browsers, PDF Readers such as Adobe Acrobat, and most document or image editing software are able to perform the same tasks as this app. 

Our take

Free Print to PDF is a software designed around converting to and printing PDF files. The software is, on a grand scale, not worth your time.

Should you download it?

No, there are other ways to achieve the same results without Free Print to PDF.


  • Free
  • Converts files to PDF format
  • Optimizes PDF files for print


  • Single use
  • Outdone by most other software

Free Print to PDFfor Windows


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