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Fast free typing tutor software

RapidTyping is a free tutor software to learn how to type efficiently and quickly. The software is designed to enhance your ability to type on a keyboard.


As a typing software, RapidTyping is designed around teaching you how to use hand-eye coordination to type faster and more accurately. In the software, there are several courses that teach you the various nuances of typing.

The introduction and beginner typing courses teach you the layout of the keyboard and how to type on them effectively. The experienced course then teaches you how to type phonetically by memorizing frequently used words and syllables. Following these is the Advanced course that requires you to type an actual text before you move to the testing course to access your skills.

Settings can be adjusted easily in the software wizard and during use. Simply open the options menu in the top right and adjust to your desire need.


RapidTyping is a very simple software that grounds itself around teaching students and younger individuals how to type. This makes the software generally childish in nature and more focused on being entertaining to the simpler mindsets of an elementary or middle schooler. Also, there are bright distracting colors and pastel-colored backgrounds which make it less tolerable to mature users.


There are several competitors when comparing typing tutor software. Klavaro and Keybr are two potential alternatives. You can also try TypingClub.

Klavaro is a touch typing tutor software with support for multiple languages and multiple keyboard layouts. The software is significantly less childish in appearance than RapidTyping.

Keybr is the most unique amongst the three typing tutor software. The software is web-based, fully customizable, and features an adaptive tutor mode. The typing tutor grows with you as you improve.

Our take

RapidTyping is an easy to use and simplistic typing tutor software aimed at students. The software is simplistic, but serves its purpose well for teachers and students.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a teacher or student.


  • Easy to use
  • Colorful
  • Customizable


  • Overly simplistic
  • Less room for growth

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