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Free app to improve your typing

Sonma Typing Expert is a free software for Windows that helps you to improve your typing speed and accuracy in both English and Hindi. The program is extremely useful if you’re a student or working in an office and want to increase your efficiency at typing.

Although the two languages have different alphabets, there are typing exercises in both. They help you learn the languages as well as improve your typing.

Is Sonma Typing Expert free?

Yes, it’s free to use.

How does Sonma Typing Expert work?

The software starts by focusing on just one row of letters on the keyboard to build muscle memory. In this way, the movement of your fingers across those keys eventually becomes intuitive. It then gradually advances to more complex typing movements, such as using the shift key. You can set the duration of the exercises, and when you’ve finished, you’ll receive feedback from the program, highlighting where you need improvement.

What are the main features of Sonma Typing Expert?

The highlight of the program is the ability to practice in either Hindi or English. With the customizable exercise duration, you can practice as intensely as you wish. Over time, this will increase your accuracy when typing fast. Unlike some typing tutors, Sonma Typing Expert allows you to download and print your test results so that you can monitor your progress.

Is Sonma Typing Expert bilingual?

Yes. Most typing programs are only available in one language. But Sonma Typing Expert has its exercises in both English and Hindi. You can carry out typing exercises in the respective keyboard layouts.

Our take

It’s not the best-looking software, but it’s easy to use. In our opinion, it provides genuine assistance in improving your typing skills.

If Sonma Typing Expert isn’t what you’re looking for, you could consider TypingMaster or RapidTyping.

Should you download it?

Yes. Although there are better single-language typing tutor programs on the market, Sonma has a competitive edge with its support of dual languages in Hindi and English.


  • Exercises in both English and Hindi
  • Customizable exercise times
  • Option to pause typing exercises
  • Prioritizes accuracy over speed
  • Option to download and save or print your test results


  • Old-fashioned looking interface

Program available in other languages

Sonma Typing-Expertfor Windows


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