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Creating diagrams with ease for free is a free, open-source Windows app that lets you create offline or online diagrams. You can save or import them to other apps or your program, depending on the type of chart. You can also collaborate with others towards more effective workflows.

Programming made easier

Because computer programming consists of many flows and processes, you can use flowcharts and diagrams. This makes it easier for non-technical people to understand and visualize your program’s flow. For that, you can use software like MyDraw, Gliffy, and helps you collaborate with your teams and also allows the team to be more productive. You can use to create flowcharts, process diagrams, assemble mindmaps, organizational charts, ERDs, and UML diagrams. You can also use the confluence-native, collaborative editing tool to help your team create confluence documentation. 

How to get started

You can download the software from any Windows-supported app store or directly from the website. You can then choose between the free (open-source) version or the paid for Confluence version; this depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with the app. Prices can range significantly from month-to-month or yearly robust all-inclusive plans, depending on your team size. 

Don’t know how to use the app? There’s a Tutorial section on the website. You can style or edit charts and save time by creating advanced flowcharts or diagrams with power functionality. The software is fully integrated with your confluence workflow and allows you to build charts in context. 

You can open files either directly from your device or Google Drive or One Drive and download them from there. 

Our take

Diagramming is a great way to plan and helps you create different types of helpful charts and diagrams.  

Should you download it?

Yes. Whether you are a programmer or planning to write an article, can help you take planning to the next level. 


  • Choose from a variety of charts and diagrams
  • Open-source and, therefore, free to use
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Integrates with cloud-based apps


  • Sometimes lags because it’s a web-based app
  • Make sure you save your work frequently

Draw.iofor Windows


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