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Learn to type correctly

Mavis Beacon Free is an old but still relevant software that teaches you how to type correctly on your keyboard using detailed tracking and 430 lessons.

A fun way to practice

Mavis Beacon Free is a typing instructor software that claims to teach the skill in two weeks.

Mavis Beacon Free provides you with detailed lessons thanks to its precise tracking and curriculum map that shows you how far you are in the course. The software will adapt its guidance based on your progression to ensure that you’re always improving in as little time as possible.

While you take a lesson or practice your typing skill, you can listen to music through the application. You can customize the music by importing your music in as MP3 files.

There are 16 arcade-styled typing games that you can play as practice. These multi-level options can improve your speed, accuracy, or rhythm. This section is a great way to start or practice without partaking in a full lesson.

However, the application is old. While you can still download it and earlier versions, the option to go fullscreen is no longer available on newer operating systems such as Windows 10.

Where can you run this program?

Mavis Beacon Free is available for all versions of Windows and macOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Klavaro is another free alternative. However, it teaches independently of language and can work with various keyboard layouts.

Our take

Mavis Beacon Free is an excellent tool for teaching anyone how to type the correct way using fun arcade-style games.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to learn to type or practice touch-typing, this is a great piece of software to download.


  • Detailed instruction
  • Import your preferred music
  • 16 arcade-style games


  • Doesn’t work in fullscreen

Mavis Beacon Freefor Windows


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