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A powerful learning management solution

Google Classroom is a free learning management system (LMS) for students, teachers, guardians, and administrators. Digital learning is easy with the app's range of features and integration with other Google applications. Teachers can create and share assignments, provide quality feedback using videos and images, conduct classes, and give grades and homework. 

At a first glance, Google Classroom download for Windows resembles a simple note-taking program. However, once you begin using it, you will quickly learn that it is so much more robust with its customizations and comprehensive tools structured specifically for teaching. The free application is powerful, secure, reliable, and integrates well with alternative learning apps like Anki, Hemingway Editor, Mathematica, and Mavis Beacon Free.

Make learning fun with Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free learning management solution that lets teachers conduct online classes, provide assignments, give feedback, and best of all, the app makes learning fun. It comes integrated with Google Suite, thereby giving users easy access to applications like Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Meet, and more. 

While the program isn’t a complete LMS program, it does create a learning environment like no other. Furthermore, it integrates with several third-party applications, which ensures students never miss out on new technology. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Google Classroom for Windows is that it allows digital education to be affordable, accessible, and comprehensive

Is Google Classroom easy to use?

Google Classroom isn’t limited to Windows and works on other platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and more. It’s also accessible to young users and guardians who aren’t very tech-savvy. To create a class, all a teacher needs to do is complete Google Classroom login, click on create, enter a name and description, and add an image.

The homepage of Google Classroom consists of the following tabs: Classwork, People, and Grades. There's also a feed window that shows the latest activity, including posts made by students, assignments, and exercises shared by teachers, and any new material added to the platform.

The Classwork section is quite comprehensive and lets teachers upload class material, create quizzes, forms, homework, answer questions, and so much more. It also gives the option to create an upcoming class, use material from another course, and conduct collaboration exercises. Furthermore, whenever a teacher adds resources onto the platform, students are automatically notified via email

What are the features of Google Classroom?

Once you download Google Classroom on your Windows device, you can host virtual classes via Google Meet, pull study material from Google Drive, add videos, PDFs, links, and images from different websites, and send out announcements to students. You can also use the application to schedule assignments, export grades to a CSV file, share resources, and answer questions. 

In addition to this, the app lets users create classroom themes, add school logos, reuse old assignments, set permissions, etc. Students can use the platform to check their work for plagiarism, connect with other classmates, share content, and receive feedback in the form of videos and docs. Users can also keep track of upcoming classes, deadlines, and examination dates via Google Calendar.

How do I join a Google Classroom?

To join a class using Google Classroom, users need to enter a code set by the administrator. To comment, post questions, and submit assignments, students need to have the requisite permission. All submissions come with a date stamp so that teachers can check when the assignments were uploaded. Teachers can also add students to different classes and groups and can receive notifications whenever there’s a new update. 

Our take

Google Classroom is the perfect example of a digital classroom. It makes education fun by allowing teachers to include videos, links, docs, and PDFs to their assignments, course material, and meetings. It also lets users keep up-to-date with email notifications and the homepage feed. The best part, Google Classroom is free to download and secure

Should you download it?

If you’re a teacher or administrator looking for a comprehensive learning management solution, download Google Classroom. The app is easy to use and integrates well with other apps, making it perfect for conducting classes, assigning homework, and providing feedback. 

For students, Google Classroom acts as a one-stop solution to attend classes, learn, complete assignments, submit work, and connect with classmates.


  • Integrates with third-party apps
  • Makes learning easy and fun
  • Option to include videos and images
  • Suitable for teachers and students


  • May seem complicated to beginners

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Google Classroomfor Windows


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