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Complete touch typing course

If you’ve ever wanted to master your touch typing skills, whether, for a job or personal improvement, Typing Master 10 might just be what you need. This program includes over 10 hours of customized typing exercises to help you improve your speed.

Typing helpers

There’s no shortage of typing programs and websites available, from the popular to the gamified Typesy, and the budget-minded KeyBlaze. 

Typing Master 10 combines elements of these sources and wraps them up in a functional touch typing course. It calculates your current WPM (words per minute) and offers tailored exercises to improve your skill through games and analysis.

The ideal WPM

Most people average a WPM typing speed of 40, which is sufficient for day-to-day activities like sending emails. However, some jobs require a faster rate, with 100 being an example of an expected WPM in many office environments. 

Typing Master 10 offers structured lessons and goals to help you achieve your ideal WPM. Typing Meter is an included analysis widget that monitors your typing speed in real-time so you can see improvements (or issues) as they happen. Typing Master 10 then creates unique exercises for you based on your performance.

Other features

Typing Master 10 replaces version 7 and is improved in everyway. As well as Typing Meter, Typing Master 10 shows you detailed feedback on typing errors, suggests training sessions, and lets you practice problem keys and words until you feel confident enough to continue.

Since touch typing relies on you learning where the keys are located without looking at the keyboard, Typing Master 10 includes visual training based on whichever layout you prefer: QWERTY, QWERTZ, India, and more. The software includes a seven-day free trial, so you can see if it’s the right typing tool for you.

Our take

Typing Master 10 is a legitimate touch typing tool that you install and run like any other Windows-based program. Its range of exercises are suited to different typing levels, so whether you’re a slow typist or lightning-fast, there’s something suitable for you to try.

Should you download it?

Yes. With the free trial, you can see if it feels like something you’ll get good use from.


  • Individually-tailored exercises
  • Monitor your WPM as you type
  • Over 10 hours of core content


  • Presentation favors function over looks; occasionally ugly and dated

Program available in other languages

TypingMasterfor Windows


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