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Free typing application

RapidTyping is free software for developing your keyboard skills and learning to type faster. The application features many lessons that may eventually get repetitive due to the lesson structure. The well-designed and straightforward interface allows for a quick display of letters you need to type. Additionally, the keyboard layout helps keep you from looking at your hands.

Learn to type faster

RapidTyping is a useful tool for learning how to type at a much faster speed and teaches how to type by touch. These two learning options are ideal, as these skills are essential for many types of work and studies. There are courses available to test all levels of experience when using the Rapid Typing app too.

Track progress

As you complete lessons and develop your skills, you can watch your progress throughout the courses. Seeing your level of progress is a great way to stay motivated while learning. You'll see a chart that displays your words per minute, accuracy, amounts typed, and more with each lesson completed.

Great interface design

The program’s typing tutor uses a simplistic and colorful interface that holds the attention of young students. This design may seem unsightly for older users, but if you're using it to teach a young child, they’ll benefit. The moving hand display shows you exactly which key you need and where it's located on your keyboard.


Unfortunately, the lessons included in RapidTyping will eventually become repetitive as you practice typing. While the repetitiveness isn't always a negative aspect, it can demotivate you from learning further. 

Other features

RapidTyping is a safe tool to use that offers a large variety of features. Editing lessons is a great way to manage your time or increase the difficulty of your sessions. 

Our take

RapidTyping is a fantastic tutor for anyone looking to develop faster typing speeds. The application has many alternatives, such as TypingMaster and Klavaro, which also offer their lessons for developing fast typing speeds.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to learn to type faster, RapidTyping is an amazing application. There are many lessons designed to instruct you on developing quicker typing speeds.


  • Teach yourself to type faster
  • Tracks your progress
  • Simplistic interface
  • Virtual keyboard shows you what you’re typing


  • Lessons quickly become repetitive

Rapid Typing Tutorfor Windows


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