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Process improvement and data analysis made easy

Minitab is a software that allows users to input and manipulate statistical information, analyze trends, and find answers hiding behind that information.

Crunch the numbers

Minitab comes with top-notch features which aid the data analysis workflow and consequently, help the users meet their goals.

Originally designed as a tool for teaching statistics, Minitab is now a general software that enables interactive use in analysis. The software package allows even those without substantial statistics knowledge to analyze and draw conclusions from data. The straightforward yet comprehensive tools facilitate teaching statistics and data analysis in businesses and universities.

The ease of usage lies in the Assistant feature of the program. It walks the users through statistical analysis, leading to more accurate conclusions. That way, companies can improve their business operations once they have all the necessary information. In addition, the Minitab Quality trainer allows for easy further analysis. The Companion tool helps the users confidently present the data.

Minitab comes with top-notch features which aid the data analysis workflow and consequently help the users meet their goals. For example, Instant Insights is a feature that displays real-time statistics on the interface.

The program boasts attentive customer service. That, combined with the user training, allows for the best results for anyone using Minitab. Plus, companies may maximize the usage while minimizing the cost due to the multi-user licensing option available for this software.

Where can you run this program?

Minitab is available for Windows and macOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, the IBM Business Analytics tool is a great popular alternative for data analysis in businesses.

Our take

Minitab is quite a powerful software. Users will need to understand statistics to make the most out of it, but it does a lot.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you run a business where you need to analyze information from all possible angles.


  • The assistant mode
  • Many types of analysis available
  • Detailed conclusions
  • Great customer support


  • Too complicated for many
  • Difficult to automate repetitive tasks
  • Too few modelling methods

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Minitabfor Windows


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