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Lets you check online for text duplication and plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker X allows you to check your work to see if it resembles other written content that is on the Internet. It's a plagiarism checker that allows you to copy and paste text, or load a Word document directly.

How good is Plagiarism Checker X?

As per the requirements for this Plagiarism Checker X review, the text it checked was listed on the Google and Bing search engine. This means it passes most academic plagiarism checks since academic checks only crawl Google and Bing.

Can I download Plagiarism Checker X for free?

Yes. You can get a Plagiarism Checker X download for free, and you can even use it for free in a very limited capacity. Your duplication checks, however, are limited to a set number per day.

Can I check my 10000 words for plagiarism?

If you're looking for Plagiarism Checker X originality report for 10000 words, then you will need to break your text into five parts and check each part at a time. If you are using the free duplication-checking services, you may only run 30 searches per day.

Our take on Plagiarism Checker X

The free version is pretty generous with the number of free scans you can run. The paid version only suits people who need to make regular plagiarism checks. It's a pretty fair and functional tool.

Should you download it?

Unlike other duplication and plagiarism checking software, you do not have to pay annually. You pay just once and then use the program for as long as you like. For that reason, you should download the software. It is particularly handy if you are using an app like Auto Typer, and you need to catch if you accidentally rewrote a few lines verbatim.


  • Having 30 free daily searches is pretty generous.
  • A competently built web crawler and duplication checker.
  • Can examine documents as well as copy-pasted text.
  • Has a perpetual user license.


  • Your version stops being updated after a year.
  • The free word limits are frustratingly small.
  • Does not offer deep-web searches.
  • Does not offer cached information searches.

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Plagiarism Checker Xfor Windows


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