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Teach your students keyboard skills

Set up lesson plans, tests, and homework for your students and watch their typing skills improve.

Learn a basic skill in no time

Type your way through this well-designed learning program for students.

Type away with this nifty program that helps school students learn how to use a standard Qwerty keyboard. It’s bursting with tools to ensure that your class reaches their potential.

Create a schedule of classes with lesson plans included. You can choose from a range of plans that have different teaching techniques and interfaces. Customize lessons by choosing the difficulty level and other details. TypingClub does the work for you, but makes sure that you’re still in charge.

Students get exciting and varied lessons that help them in whatever stage they are of learning to type on a keyboard. Lessons have videos and animations that the teacher can replace or remove. The same goes for the learning games and lessons. Having a pre-made lesson plan takes the stress away, but the customization options are perfect if you want to change things to suit your students.

Test your class before you assign them lessons. The built-in placement test will assign a grade to each pupil and direct you as to which difficulty level would be most appropriate for them.

Let students see their progress on their personalized dashboard. It tells them about their progress so far, and how many Stars they’ve earned. It’s a great way to keep them motivated and interested in their lessons.

Some of the lessons are aimed at younger students and are not appropriate for older kids. The Typing Jungle, for example, is probably suitable for elementary and middle school pupils. The inability to create your own lesson plans makes this even more frustrating. You can only assign lessons from the ones that TypingClub provides.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Windows 8 and 10.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This program does a fantastic job of keeping students engaged. If you want more flexibility over the lessons, try Klavaro.

Our take

TypingClub is a clever program that enables students to learn to type without realizing they are learning. It has fun games and videos to keep them entertained. It could do with an option to create lesson plans instead of just choosing and modifying existing ones.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want a simple way to teach your students to type, this is the software for you.


  • Creates lesson plans for you
  • Customizable for student needs
  • Strong mix of learning tools
  • Placement tests


  • Can’t create your own lessons
  • Reports and data collection is overwhelming
  • Too childish for older students

Program available in other languages

TypingClubfor Windows


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