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NI Multisim: A program that takes electronic circuit design from the real world into the digital world

NI Multisim allows you to design an electronic circuit right on your computer. It is simple and easy to use, making it great app for educators and students. NI Multisim includes all kinds of electronic components in its huge database.

What is NI Multism?

NI Multisim is an electronic schematic capture and simulation program which is part of a suite of circuit design programs, along with NI Ultiboard. Developed by National Instruments, Multisim is designed for use by educators, students, and professionals in electronics, engineering, and physics.

Electronic circuit design made easy

It’s hard to find anything better for designing, analyzing, and developing electronic circuits. NI Multisim is a perfict fit for electronic engineers and technicians alike.

Within the NI Multisim database, you can find everything you need for building electronic circuits. As well as the electronic circuits, there is a predefined schema. It also includes VHDL, SPICE simulation, and a PCB generator.

It is simple for beginners and students because of its fully integrated environment. You’ll find plenty of useful information within NI Multisim. You can model and amend more difficult concepts easily. It is possible to manipulate and navigate the program layout to your specific needs.

You can use NI Multisim for finding errors with your circuit plan, too. This feature is excellent because you can learn from any mistakes you make in a cost-free environment. Yes, if you happen to break anything you create in this program, you don’t have to spend money on new parts! NI Multisim models prototypes, and checks that your design idea is robust. This is a huge time saver for users and helps develop your circuit building capabilities.

Finally, you can load tons of extra modules you may need for certain processes within your circuit. This is especially useful if you want to program microcontrollers using ASM or C methods. 

Key features of NI Multism at a glance:

  • Schematic capture: This is the primary function of Multisim, where users can create and edit electronic circuit designs using a wide range of components.
  • Simulation: Multisim allows for the simulation of circuits to test their behavior before physical prototypes are built. It includes various analysis tools, such as AC/DC circuit analysis, transient analysis, and more.
  • Educational tools: The software is widely used in education for teaching electronics theory and concepts. It includes features like interactive circuit teaching tools and virtual instruments.
  • Integration with NI Ultiboard: Multisim is often used alongside NI Ultiboard, which is a PCB layout tool. Designs created in Multisim can be transferred to Ultiboard for creating printed circuit board layouts.
  • Extensive component library: It has a large library of electronic components, making it easier to design complex circuits.
  • Interactive simulation: The interactive simulation allows for real-time tuning of circuit parameters and seeing the impact on performance immediately.
  • Customizable component database: Users can create their own components if they are not available in the standard library.

Advantages of NI Multisim

One of the standout advantages of NI Multisim is its simplicity and user-friendly design. This software is tailor-made for electronics engineers, enabling them to simulate a wide range of circuits, from basic to highly complex. Its intuitive interface has made it a popular choice among college students, who often use it to simulate and understand their electronic projects. For example, students can design circuits like instrumentation amplifiers and demonstrate their functionality to professors even before physical implementation on a PCB.

Furthermore, NI Multisim's accessibility extends to engineers with basic electronics knowledge. It offers a rich library that caters specifically to low-power electronic circuits, making it a valuable tool for a variety of projects. Additionally, the inclusion of integrated circuits (ICs) in the library enhances its utility for digital design tasks. This user-friendliness and well-stocked library have made NI Multisim an effective tool for explaining and sharing circuit designs within educational settings and professional organizations.

Disadvantages of NI Multisim

While NI Multisim has several advantages, it does come with some limitations. Notably, the software's library lacks certain power components commonly used in heavy power circuits, such as Power MOSFETs and Power SCRs. This limitation can be frustrating for engineers working on projects that require these components, as they may need to resort to other tools for simulating or designing such circuits.

Users have also reported challenges when dealing with complex circuits, like Multistage Power Amplifiers. While documentation and online help resources are available, these difficulties could be mitigated by expanding the software's library to include a more comprehensive range of power components. This would enhance its versatility and usefulness for engineers working on a wider array of projects.

Where can you run this program?

This program is designed to run on Windows only. It is currently not available for Mac OS or Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

No, there is no better alternative. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner without any experience using SPICE or an expert on the subject, this program is for you. Circuit Simulator, QUCS, and Ktechlab may run on other OS’s, but they are not as capable or user-friendly.

Our take

NI Multisim is the best solution for electronic circuit design. It’s full of features, and free to use. The program is great for knowledge development. It is useful throughout your career in circuit building.

Should you download it?

Yes, download it now. NI Multisim is simple to use, and although it looks a little out of date, this simplicity is its power.


  • Little tech knowledge required
  • Designed for beginners
  • Powerful


  • Processes can be slow
  • Cluttered appearance
  • Time-consuming installation

Program available in other languages

NI Multisimfor Windows


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