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Interactive equation editor

MathType is a Windows app created by Design Science and is compatible with other devices, both online and offline. It’s an interactive equation editor that lets you create mathematical notations for desktop publishing, webpages, word processors, presentations, and eLearning. The app is also compatible with Tex, MathML, and LaTex documents. Learners and professionals can use MathType. 

What does MathType do?

MathType works with many applications, including  Microsoft Office Mathematics, Adobe InDesign, Gmail, Apple Pages, and more. The app helps format math equations and has an extensive set of tools to help you develop equations that are up to publication standards. 

Like TeX2img and EqualX, MathType helps you maintain consistency and quality of work for educational purposes to assist with complex math equations. It automatically conforms to international math-typesetting conventions. 

It also includes the following capabilities:

  • Convert and format word documents.
  • References to numbered equations.
  • Inserts inline and display equations
  • Types LaTex on a word document.

MathType can recognize over 800 programs, web applications, websites, and computer and software algebra systems. This means it can be integrated with any design or program that needs an equation editor. 

Mathematics is made more accessible

MathType makes it easier for users to create and insert formulas into various documents for research purposes. The application is user-friendly; even beginners can use it. It also has advanced capabilities for expert mathematicians, professors, and scientists.

MathType is also compliant and accessible for individuals with disabilities. With third-party help, technology and content function are operable through keyboards. MathType follows the WCAG (Web content accessibility guidelines), a 2.0 policy developed by W3C. 

MathType WirisQuizzes and equations

MathType has an additional program, WirisQuizzes, which adds random variables to papers and assists with grading for STEM questions in digital learning. As a result, it gives teachers more time to focus on teaching content. 

Our take

The advances in the learning environment make it easier for teachers, learners, and professionals from all walks of life, and applications like MathType are one of those advancements. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, MathType can assist you with all your calculation and equation needs


  • Anyone can use it
  • Amazing graphics
  • Easy exportation to other applications
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Intuitive interface


  • Number of options can be overwhelming

Program available in other languages

MathTypefor Windows

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