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Average browser, good at multitasking

This is more than just your average internet portal. It's a versatile web browser for staying entertained. Also, if you're an avid user of social media, you'll love it. It focuses on keeping you entertained, and social media fans are going to love this.

Sports fans unite

Sports lovers will love the extra features the browser offers. Download or stream live sports matches with high-quality viewing.

There are regular internet service providers, and then there is this one which integrates well with social media and video playback. Besides social media, this online portal also allows people to play youtube videos in the background, as they’re using the browser.

When using this application you can say goodbye to tired and sore eyes, by switching to night mode, you can use a dimmer version of the app, putting less strain on your eyes. Another feature that helps highlight the versatility of this program is that you can enable a side scroller which is easier to use than swiping, and you can screenshot sections of a screen, rather than the entire screen.

Although this ISP does have a variety of useful features, there are as many things that can be improved upon. It feels average, in all the wrong ways, and it’s also a security nightmare. There isn’t an in-browser ad blocker, and there isn’t any sort of security protocols put in place to help protect personal information like passwords, logins, and banking information. The last issue worth mentioning is that there isn’t a tap to zoom feature, which is a letdown, because a lot of people double-tap to zoom, rather than use the two-finger pinch.

Where can you run this program?

UC browser can run on Android version 9.0 and upwards, on any of your Android mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Not when it comes to download speeds and being able to multitask. However, most other applications that are similar to this one, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all offer ad blockers as well as more security protocols.

Our take

For people who want fast downloads, while sacrificing security and pop-up blocking this is for you, but there are so many other programs that do the same thing, but with more features.

Should you download it?

No. If you spend a lot of time on your mobile device and you want something more from your online experience, then this application isn’t for you, because this program lacks security protocols.


  • Versatile browser
  • Fast download speed
  • Stream videos in the browser
  • Can change the size of screenshots


  • Unsecure browser
  • Can’t double-tap to zoom
  • Lacks an adblocker

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UC Browserfor Android

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