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Private Android Browser: Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is a private browser for Android that allows users to surf the web without storing any information about their activity on their phone. If you are concerned about your online privacy, Dolphin Zero is a great option. Unlike other Android browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or the full Dolphin Browser app, Dolphin Zero automatically deletes your browsing data. It removes browsing history, cache, passwords, cookies, and form data. It's important to note that Dolphin Zero only deletes data from your device, not from the server of the page you visited.

Dolphin Zero is a stripped-down browser with no settings or additional features. It has a simple interface with an address/search bar and a choice of four default search engines. There are back and forward buttons for page navigation, but no tab support, limiting you to only one open page at a time. To ensure privacy, you must remember to hit the exit button after browsing to shred your history.

Overall, Dolphin Zero is an excellent choice for those who want to browse the web privately. While it lacks the features of a regular browser, it serves its purpose well when you need to go incognito.


  • Automatically deletes all browsing data
  • Very simple to use
  • Choice of four default search engines


  • No tabbed browsing support
  • No settings available

Dolphin Zerofor Android


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