UC Browser Turbofor Android


UC Browser Turbo is a fast and secure web browser for Android devices. It offers countless integrated features such as a built-in ad blocker, private browsing, and data saver mode, to name open. This makes it a great, feature-packed option for power users. Designed by Chinese internet company UCWeb, it provides a fast browsing speed paired with quick download speeds for videos.

Some great features 

Something that stands out is the minimalistic and simple design. It holds a purposeful and comfortable appeal. There’s no pushy news flow messing with your searching. It’s easy to search with and delivers a private browsing experience. Don’t worry if your home language isn’t English; it also conveniently boasts multi-language support

There’s also a built-in ad-block function that prevents ads from ruining your overall experience. If you’re using mobile data, you’re in luck. They guarantee that UC Browser Turbo will always save on 90% of your data costs. Along with the data saving tool, it presents various others like a network speed tester and a status downloader.

Perhaps you’re a bit of a private person; that’s not a problem. The search engine lets users hide videos and files that they’ve downloaded with a password and has an incognito mode for browsing without history. This ensures a truly safe and private browsing experience. 

Background & offline videos

UC Browser Turbo allows you to play videos in the background while you make use of the browser. This feature is excellent, as it lets users multitask comfortably. It’s even available in incognito mode. Do you want to download videos for later? UC Browser Turbo lets you download from the convenience of your browser. 

Customization & downloading 

You can bookmark a page straight to your homepage for easy access. Perhaps you want to add a picture to make it look more personalized; you can also do that. The browser even has a night mode to make searching the web easier on your eyes at night. 

Our take

It’s a significant step from UC Browser, as it has many more features and a much simpler interface. You’ll find it to be an overall decent Android browser. You’ll also be particularly fond of the background videos as well as the in-built adblocker. The only aspect you may not enjoy is that it doesn’t feel as secure as some browsers. 

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you want a mobile browser with all the software you normally download already built-in.

UC Browser Turbofor Android

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