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Privacy online has become the latest concern in online browsing. Until now. With the newest release of Brave browser, there’s no more need to be afraid of data tracking or third-party cookies. The up-and-coming navigator relies on the open-source technology Chromium to deliver faster and safer online browsing. Ready to brave new terrain and discover why to download this on your Android device? Take a step into the unknown and uncover its many rich benefits.

Quick and safe

Fast speed. Safe browsing. No third parties. Brave is your go-to browser for the online experience you’ve always wanted.

Brave navigator boasts of an incomparable internet experience thanks to its ad blocking features. Simply go to Settings and click through Shields (an ad blocker), Social Media Blocking, and Privacy and Security to surf the web like never before. With less ads to create drag online, Brave loads pages 8x quicker on mobile devices than leading competitors Chrome and Firefox. Free of installations. No need for management extensions. Enjoy faster online browsing instantly.

Of course, faster speed does not mean less safety. Quite the contrary. With the ad-free browsing, Brave ensures that your data and privacy remains secure from third parties. If you’re not convinced, just click on the Brave icon and see the many ads, trackers, and scripts blocked over time. You’ll be happy that you downloaded the browser when you realize how much of your data is finally under your control. It is Brave’s commitment to offering you a safe, customizable online experience where the internet brand gains a foothold in the market.

No need for so much protection though? That’s all right. Brave offers its users the opportunity to modify Settings to turn Shields off for certain webpages or enable Fingerprinting Protection. Although in its early stage and not available for all platforms, the latter feature makes it all the more difficult for websites to track you while you browse. The caveat here is that while you can enjoy boosted protection, you may notice some websites display incorrectly. It’s worth mentioning too, that the browser offers Brave Sync, a beta-run feature to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. Holding true to its mission, Brave secures your privacy and does not decrypt your data.

Brave understands the ever-growing worry of malware and privacy invasion for internet users. For that reason, Brave does what other browsers don’t do, and refuses to send your data to the cloud. It goes so far as to act even as a protective intermediary between you and advertisers, sending non-identifiable data that indicates an ad has been seen. It seems promising, especially given that Brave even offers a reward program that pays you a revenue share to support the creators and publishers you like. You know how important your time is; it’s about time that advertisers do too. While Brave rewards is incentivizing, it is only available to desktop users. Don’t worry though. The browser will include mobile integration in the near future.

Where can you run this program?

You can download Brave on mobile devices like Android and iPhone, or use the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are all potential alternatives to Brave. Chrome and Edge fare quite well in terms of basic browser functions, with Chrome being compatible with a higher number of add-ons. However, because Brave is based on Chromium, the browser does support many similar extensions. Not bad for a young browser in the making! Also, don’t forget that Brave beats other internet navigators when it comes to speed. 2x faster on desktop and 8x faster on mobile devices, Brave leaves competitors in the dust.

Also, because Brave shows no ads, count on no mobile data charges while using the browser. Perhaps that’s the navigator’s way of saying thank you for exploring a new way of surfing the web.

While the other browsers are common and work rather decently, Brave’s secure browsing redefines internet security and data privacy. With reinforced safety, fingerprint protection, and no tracking, this young browser is flexing some serious muscle power.

The only concern worth noting about the navigator is that it is still in its early days. The browser runs the risk of facing problems with its proposed business model with advertisers and internet users, as well as potential glitches online.

Our take

Its potential benefits outweigh any risks or defects that may occur due to its early-stage status.

Should you download it?

Yes, most definitely. Go Brave or go home. This browser is proud to support many secure features and ensure that your online browsing is private and personalized. In a time when data breaches occur more frequently due to malware or hacking, internet users need a browser that will fight against the problem from all angles. And the Brave browser does just that.


  • Extremely fast
  • Impressive ad blocking
  • No tracking
  • No data charges
  • Supports content creators


  • Early-stage status
  • Not compatible with all add-ons
  • Fingerprinting protection may cause display glitches

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