CM Browserfor Android


Free, secure mobile internet browser

You can enjoy browsing the internet with no pop-ups and sleek interface design. The app has a safe browsing feature for privacy and security with fast website loading.

Control Android browsing features

CM Browser provides private, safe internet browsing for your Android device at a small download size.

Several mobile browsers are available, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Mini. What makes CM Browser a better alternative is that the app is small while providing fast and secure internet access. You can study all the tools through the quick tutorial, which includes enabling Night Mode and Fullscreen.

If you want to save your login details, the Android app lets you store it in a separate encrypted database. This feature prevents hackers from accessing your personal information while you’re accessing websites. For additional safety, it alerts you when you’re downloading or installing bad programs.

CM Browser has ad-blocking functionality that prevents promotions from popping on your screen. It also disables third-party cookies, but you can enable them through the settings. Additionally, you can create a whitelist to allow specific cookies and pop-ups.

You can also control some visual features. While CM Browser has great graphics in its animations, you can adjust specific items such as the font size and tab handling. The user interface has several controls that you can customize to your preference while maintaining the integrity of the program.

Where can you run this program?

The minimum requirement is the Android operating system 5.0 and higher.

Is there a better alternative?

No. While you can use similar features on Opera Mini, Chrome, and Firefox, CM Browser has better loading speed and security.

Our take

CM Browser is a light-weight Android app that protects personal information through privacy security settings. It provides a smooth interface for fast browsing.

Should you download it?

Yes. You can safely browse the internet while not taking up too much space on your Android device, with the ability to control several features.

CM Browserfor Android

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