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A free digital drawing pad for artists

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook is a free digital drawing pad with over 100 brushes, layer filters, intuitive color scheme, and advanced controls. Designed to work on Android smartphones and tablets, the application is fast and transforms your device into a blank canvas. As a free tool, the software offers various functionalities. However, some options stay hidden behind a paywall, which you can remove by purchasing the pro license. 

Turn your phone into a sketchbook!

Artists looking for a simple application that lets them sketch on the go won’t be disappointed with the ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook. It’s an Android app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet and get started instantly. Once launched, the app features a blank canvas with various brushes, smudging effects, and layers. 

The interface of the application is simple enough for beginners and features various advanced tools that professional users will like. For high-end designs, the application supports using a stylus and offers palm rejection to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Once you’re done sketching or painting, you can export your work in PNG, JPG, or PSD file format. 

Does ArtFlow have a user-friendly interface?

One of the best aspects of ArtFlow Sketch Paint Draw download is that it has a minimalistic interface helpful in capturing the imagination of the user. Since the app isn’t intimidating, it invites beginners to try their hand at sketching and painting on a digital surface. For advanced users, the app provides a range of functions and tools, all stacked neatly in the right and left menu. 

Both the menus that you see on the app remain hidden until accessed. A button on the top-right corner of the screen opens an L-shaped menu that creates a band on the top and right side of the app. This menu consists of over 100 brushes, smudge tools, erasers, and effect options. The latter consists of elements such as brightness, saturation, opacity, spacing, and flow. If you move towards the right side, you’ll find a color palette with multiple sliders and an ink dropper. 

In addition to this, the right side of the app consists of redo and undo buttons that you can use an unlimited number of times. However, to use this feature, your phone should have ample space. This section of the menu also includes layer editing, which lets you create up to 16 layers, depending on the device you’re using. You can even use the app to invert images, hide layers, and replicate sketches or paintings. Moreover, you can use the layer feature to trace pictures and illustrations

If you click on the hamburger icon present on the top of the right side menu, you’ll be able to access the left side menu. Once opened, this menu gives you the option to import images or past projects from your device’s gallery. The export option lets you save files in different formats and share them via email or upload them on cloud storage. This menu also consists of a timelapse feature that you can use to record your sketches from start to finish. 

What are the features of ArtFlow?

As mentioned above, ArtFlow APK provides users with a blank canvas. Depending on the device you’re using the app on, you can increase and decrease the canvas size, invert, and crop it if you want. With tools like gradient fill, smudge, mask selection, and layers, artists get a lot of options when they’re sketching and painting. The app also supports an infinite number of revisions, along with helpful features like geometrical shapes and color pickers. 

Powered by a GPU-accelerated engine, ArtFlow is extremely powerful and fast. It even offers pressure support and works well with a range of stylus from different manufacturers like Samsung and NVIDIA. The application also features a palm rejection function that gets rid of panning and unnecessary zooming over the canvas. The latest version of ArtFlow offers multi-user support and can help you record your entire sketch with a record workflow option that you can pause and resume anytime you want. 

Is ArtFlow free?

Although ArtFlow Paint Draw Sketchbook download is available for free, it does have a range of features that remains locked behind a paywall. 

If you like the app, you can purchase the pro license and use the app and its unlocked features from any device. In case you want to check out a few alternatives before downloading ArtFlow, you should explore apps like Adobe Illustrator Draw and ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create.

Our take

Artists who love to sketch, draw and paint might not always have a pen and paper around. But, with the ArtFlow download, it works like a charm. It has all the essential features that you would need to start drawing, along with a minimalistic interface that facilitates imagination. 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a digital blank canvas that supports the use of a stylus, you should download ArtFlow Sketch Paint Draw. 

It’s a simple application that packs the many features required by artists. The software also has a clean interface with over 100 brushes, record workflow function, and layer editing


  • Has a minimalistic design
  • Offers a range of tools
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals


  • Has a few minor bugs

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbookfor Android


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