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Use Tumblr wherever you are

That’s right. This blogging site is now available as an app on your Android device. You can stay on top of your dashboard and feed on your mobile device.

Blog on the go

Tumblr isn’t just for desktop use anymore. Scroll, reblog and like posts on the go.

This application allows you to scroll through your feed wherever you are and reblog your favorite content. Use the handy options to like a post or comment.

Create your own posts with the easy-to-use options, and add text, image, or video to your post to make it stand out. Tumblr for Android has stayed loyal to its original layout. Opening the app will take you straight to your dashboard, where you can manage your account and feed. It’s easy to navigate because it has the same feel as the desktop version.

The app is very neatly designed to help you enjoy viewing your favorite feeds. IIf you want to add anything to your blog, why not do it from your mobile? It’s easier to do things from a mobile device because people save videos and photos to their phone rather than their desktop.

The Tumblr app does have some drawbacks, though. It isn’t optimal for bigger screens, which rules out the possibility of downloading the software to an Android tablet. Also, users must use this application in portrait view; the primary drawback of this feature is the inability to watch videos in landscape mode. Some of the features are also quite lacking. The text tool doesn’t have the same formatting options, and the app only allows you to upload one picture at a time instead of ten.

Where can you run this program?

This app can be run on Android version 4 and above. Additionally there is an app for Apple devices, and you can access the website on a variety of browsers

Is there a better alternative?

No. Tumblr is popular because of its brand name, and the app functions well. If you want a similar image sharing app, try WeHeartIt.

Our take

Tumblr for Android is similar to the desktop version. It’s easy to navigate, and users will enjoy scrolling on the go.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a great way to use Tumblr when you’re away from your desktop.


  • Classic layout
  • Easy navigation buttons
  • Can do virtually everything the same as desktop version


  • GIFs don’t play until you tap them
  • No support for tablets
  • Features lack depth

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Tumblrfor Android

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