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UC Browser is an Internet browser that focuses on delivering high speeds, efficient downloads and being light on your computer resources.

A fast and efficient browser

UC Browser is an Internet browser that focuses on delivering high speeds, efficient downloads and being light on your computer resources.

Browse the internet with the reliability of UC Browser. It offers quick loading time for pages, even on a low bandwidth or slow internet connection. Enhance your browsing experience by accessing your favorite websites and exploring the internet at a faster pace.

UC Browser knows that your time is precious. It seems to pride itself on being efficient and providing the fastest browsing service possible.

Download files from the internet and open them almost instantly. Concurrent downloads are supported as well, so if you are an internet user with a lot to download, UC Browser is for you.

You can save time by opening the browser and letting it load up your frequently visited pages. UC Browser compresses data on the server before its sent to the user, resulting in quicker loading times and reduced CPU usage. Enrich your browsing experience with a resource-light, efficient browser.

There are a couple of major pitfalls, however, that outweigh the benefits. The program has major privacy concerns, as it doesn’t use secure cryptology. Instead, it relies on outdated SSL protocols that leave users’ sensitive information vulnerable and open for hackers. Users who wish to add login credentials for banks and other sites on UC Browser may suffer from hacking or data leakage.

The browser doesn’t block ads and pop-ups as regularly as it should. Major malware or virus threats are detected and these pop-ups are automatically blocked. Other ads that can hinder your browsing experience are left up to you to manually remove.

Where can you run this program?

This program can be run on most operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, and Windows on desktops. It’s also available on Windows phone and tablet, Android and iOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are better alternative browsers to UC Browser that offer more security and pop-up control. Try Safari on macOS, or Google Chrome on Windows.

Our take

UC Browser delivers a high-speed browsing experience and a more seamless way to download files from the internet. Its lack of privacy makes it less of a contender against other browsers.

Should you download it?

No. It isn’t worth downloading UC Browser, as its fast loading time isn’t worth the lack of privacy. Try one of the alternatives for a more secure browser.


  • Speedy browsing
  • Handles multiple downloads at once
  • Resource-light


  • Uses outdated cryptology
  • Leaks data
  • Doesn’t block ads

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UC Browserfor Windows

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