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Microsoft Edge is the improved replacement for the infamous Microsoft Explorer. All good things must come to an end, but does this mark the beginning of a new and better browser?

The need for internet speed

While Edge takes over for Explorer, it doesn’t completely do away with the former browser’s biggest weakness.

Microsoft responded to the most common critiques about their browser when creating its replacement. They knew they had to address the speed; the snail’s pace of Explorer became something of a meme. Enter Edge, the company’s newest attempt to grab a share of the browser market.

The velocity in which this Microsoft product operates puts the competition to shame. Open it now and surprise yourself. It’s ideal for situations in which you have to send a file while short on time or quickly make sure you have the right information on your hands

Every application you activate via the new Microsoft browser will open in a blink of an eye; from simple games to complex business sites. But seldom are we using one tab at a time. This company pioneered the computing industry, and it is no surprise that they’ve noticed our need to process more information in a short time. If you give Edge a chance, you’ll praise its ability to multitask. If you keep multiple tabs open, they won’t hinder your computer's performance. It also handles modern internet needs such as JavaScript, HTML5, and streaming.

However, the increased speed and performance intensity came with a price. Microsoft limited the customization features on Edge. Some users value the possibility of giving a personal touch to their web experience. New tabs direct you to MSN pages, which are filled with ads. While you can select “main sites” that you most commonly browse, it’s limited to four slots at once. The lack of customization features makes this application a little less desirable than the bigger browser beasts.

Where can you run this program?

This program is compatible with Windows 10. It will replace explorer on all future Windows versions. It also runs on Mac OS, Android, and iPhone.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Microsoft Edge can pride itself for the dramatic improvement on Explorer, but the lack of customization features gives an advantage to the competition. Chrome, for example, can shield itself from more ads and has 10 main site slots.

Our take

Microsoft Edge is swift for an internet browser, and it won’t show signs of slowing down even when operating with multiple tabs.

Should you download it?

No. Edge doesn’t give you anything you couldn’t find in any other browser.


  • Fast browser
  • High activation speed
  • Supports demanding sites


  • Lack of customization
  • Force announcing new sites
  • Loading is slower than activation

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Microsoft Edgefor Android


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