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Browser innovation goes mobile

Vivaldi has taken its advanced, and original desktop browser and made it available on Android devices. This easy-to-use browser that has lots of options is an exciting prospect.

The world at your fingertips

Vivaldi is what you’ve been waiting for, a browser alternative that could change the way you access websites.

Vivaldi is full of features that will enhance your web browsing experience, and they have the basics covered. You’ll be pleased to discover that they offer features such as bookmarks, syncing, and favorites as well. They take it a step further and provide useful tools, such as a note-taking section. This is great for anyone researching something online; you can create notes directly from web text and search them, too.

One thing that gives you more control and makes browsing faster is tab management. Not only can you switch between open tabs, but you can also get to private tabs, synced tabs, and recently closed tabs as well. There is also a tab cloning tool so you can quickly get back to where you started. The nifty shortcut option also offers more choice. You can easily select the search engine you want by typing its initial letter and what you want to search in the browser bar.

The most appealing aspect of Vivaldi on Android is that you can make a full switch to this browser on mobile and desktop. You’ll find the same intuitive layout on your portable device, with all of your history, bookmarks, and notes synced.

As things stand, the adblock in Vivaldi isn’t up to the job of keeping everything at bay, which gets irritating. This is part of a wider issue of extension capabilities, as there isn’t a plug-in store for the mobile version. Other apps might not recognize it as a browser, which interrupts that seamless service we’ve come to expect from our devices. The appearance is not customizable, as there is no opportunity to apply wallpapers or change colors. The only interface change you can use is the dark mode.

Where can you run this program?

This app runs on Android 5.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. You can try Brave for the same features but with an effective ad blocker and tracking protection. Don’t expect much speed from this alternative, though.

Our take

Vivaldi is an attractive option for anyone looking to change their browser and will appeal to those already using the desktop version. It’s an eye-opener for what browsers can do for you.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an innovative browser for desktop and mobile that doesn’t track activity, this one's for you.


  • Innovative touches
  • Doesn’t track your movements
  • Fast and intuitive


  • Limited ad blocker
  • Can’t use extensions

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Vivaldi Browserfor Android


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