Tor Browser for Android Alphafor Android

115.2.1-beta 13.5a4


Safety on your mobile

Browser safety is always at risk, especially with most conventional browsers. That’s where Tor comes in; you’ll have protection, privacy, and anonymity online when you’re on the go.

Going deep

Tor Browser for Android Alpha gives you the security, privacy and anonymity that you’d get using the computer versions.

The Tor Browser is one of the most secure browsers available. Unlike Chrome or Firefox, using Tor keeps your data from appearing online for just anyone to see, and your location is private because your IP address bounces between multiple locations. The Tor Browser can also access the deep web, a section of the Internet that most browsers don’t have the capacity to access.

Governments, and other well-known establishments, can have websites blocked in your country. If you’re a younger user, it could be your parents blocking a website. Bypass this using Tor Browser’s built-in VPN system that will jump through website blocks and show you almost any content you want.

To experience the safety and security of this browser, you’ll need to access the settings and turn on safe mode, as it is off by default. You may also struggle to read the app’s font at times, due to its low readability. Often you’ll want to open multiple tabs when browsing, but keep these to a minimum where possible. Running multiple tabs in your browser can cause them to crash the application.

The Tor Browser is suitable for devices both old and new. However, it may start to show increased loading times the older your device is, or when more applications are running on the device.

Where can you run this program?

The Tor Browser is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux software systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No, alternative browsers for your mobile device, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera, won’t give you the same level of security, privacy, or access to the deep web that Tor does.

Our take

Tor Browser for Android Alpha is a great application if you’re looking for more privacy and a safer way to browse the Internet.

Should you download it?

Yes, Android devices can already be insecure. Having a browser that is safe, and boasts improved privacy and safety, is a must.


  • Safe and secure
  • Unblock censored websites
  • Works with old Android versions


  • Not set to safe by default
  • Font isn’t reader-friendly
  • Multiple tabs get buggy
  • Slow loading speed

Tor Browser for Android Alphafor Android

115.2.1-beta 13.5a4

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