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Picking the right browser for your computer is difficult. And the decision just got a little harder with the release of Microsoft’s newest creation: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft's browser Edge boasts new and improved features, as well as heightened security measures. Built on the Chromium code, the navigator promises an easier and more dependable way to surf the internet. Improvements in the browser came accompanied with a selection of extensions not found in older versions. Microsoft has upped its browser game. The question is: are these changes enough to beat their biggest competitions?

Forerunner in internet browsers

Microsoft Edges is not the fastest in the market, but it's definitely no underdog.

Microsoft was a forerunner in internet browsers with one of its biggest products, Internet Explorer. But what with newer software in the market, their leading web navigator sadly fell behind its competition. Until now. This time, with the new and improved Microsoft Edge, the pioneering tech company is showing that they are a formidable force. Taking the edge off browsing Microsoft Edge's promise is simple: give users a fast and secure way to get tasks done on the web.

Its minimalist look is easy to understand and its built-in features keep you organized and focused as you explore the depths of the world wide web. An example of this feature is the tab previews, where you can easily manage and open tabs without leaving your current page. Edge lets you hover over an active tab to see a preview thumbnail, minimizing confusion if you are visiting multiple websites all at once. On the Hub, access frequently-visited websites, reading lists, and your browsing and download history all arranged neatly on a tray.

Microsoft's integrated digital assistant, Cortana, makes searching extra easy for Windows 10 users. This feature pops up on the address bar with suggestions for whatever your search. Rough around the edges Microsoft Edge delivers impressive security measures to protect you from phishing schemes and malware. It warns users when entering dangerous websites and identifies ransomware, virus, and Trojan files you might be at risk of downloading. Keep in mind this feature relies partly on Windows Defender and should be enabled to ensure optimal security. You can also enable tools to block cookies or erase your browser history to prevent issues raised by spyware.

Could be faster, but it’s not the slowest

Edge can load pages in a fraction of a second and even beat Chrome in some browser activities. Watch videos on YouTube or stream gameplay on Twitch problem-free. One downside though, is Edge’s file size, which leans towards the heavy side. The browser comes in a 23MB file--a size exponentially larger than Chrome and Firefox.

Leading edge customer care

Among all the internet browsers available, Microsoft Edge is one of the few that provides phone support to its users. Microsoft encourages users to check out the Microsoft Edge Insider Forum where you can input your feedback about the navigator and help Microsoft improve your surfing experience. Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive online knowledge base with tutorials and in-depth answers to all your questions.

Where can you run this program?

The new and improved Edge is the only Microsoft navigator compatible with Windows 10. It does not work on earlier versions of the operating system just yet. The macOS version is still under development. However, Mac users do have access to a developer beta version which may lack the full features it promises to offer. Versions for mobile on both Android and iOS are available for easy surfing wherever you are.

Is there a better alternative?

There's a handful of browsers up for competition. Like Edge, Opera also runs on the Google Chromium system. It has a very clean interface and is customizable. While it looks easy on the eyes, this browser could take longer to use due to its unique design. After that though, navigating becomes effortless and all your necessities are within reach. Mozilla Firefox is another excellent software for surfing the internet. It's famous for its speed, currently topping the list of the fastest web browsers. Firefox is also lighter compared to Edge and is easy to customize. Sadly, both could use a little improvement in customer care, given that community support is only provided to their users.

Our take

The features offered by Microsoft Edge make browsing less of a hassle. Its interface allows for easy organization, which is ideal for researching on topics that have many sources. You can also customize your homepage to navigate faster to your favorite websites. Overall, Microsoft's newly developed browser definitely doesn't lag behind its competitors.

Should you download it?

There's no need for downloading the Microsoft Edge; it comes as a default browser on Windows 10. Microsoft is still working on developing the navigator to work on lower versions of the operating system like Windows 7, so just sit tight.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast


  • Not compatible with lower versions of Windows or macOS
  • Bigger than other browsers
  • Relies on Windows Defender for optimum security

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Microsoft Edgefor Windows


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