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Free lightweight Facebook messaging app

Messenger Lite is a free messaging app aimed at users in developing countries who may have problems with lower internet speeds and limited availability of high specification phones.

Due to Messenger Lite being a substantially stripped-down version of Facebook Messenger, it can run on older versions of Android and works seamlessly even on 2G networks.

What’s the difference between Messenger and Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite is an official client developed by Facebook that leaves out many of Messenger’s functions to save data and processing power.

With Messenger Lite, the emphasis is on messaging and calling, so you don’t get the full raft of features. For example, there’s no group calling and no animation on stickers received.

This also means that Messenger Lite has a much simpler UI than the full version.

What does Messenger Lite do?

You can still message, call, and video chat with Messenger Lite—these are core features of most messaging apps.

However, the way in which this app handles these functions is different. For example, when a photo is received, it’s not downloaded until you tap on it. Until then, you get a thumbnail preview. This way, you can have a peep at what’s been sent and choose not to download it until you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.

Can Messenger Lite send files?

Yes, you can send and receive all the usual media types. To make the process faster and to reduce the amount of data used, Messenger Lite compresses file sizes.

Does Messenger Lite have video calling? 

Yes, it does. Video calling is one of Messenger's core functions, so Facebook has left it intact in Messenger Lite.

Is Messenger Lite secure?

It’s not as secure as the full version, which is because Messenger Lite doesn’t have the Secret Conversations feature with end-to-end encryption with your messages.

Our take

Messenger Lite delivers what it promises—a lightweight app that uses 60% less installation memory on your device. The reduced feature set also means that it will run smoothly on a 2G network.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have an older phone with a lower spec and less memory, or poor internet connection, Messenger Lite is a fast and data-efficient messaging app. If security is more important to you than having a lightweight app, and you’d like to move away from the Facebook ecosystem, check out Telegram and Signal, which are great alternatives.


  • Uses 60% less storage than Messenger
  • Uses less data
  • Works well even on 2G networks


  • No end-to-end encryption of messages
  • Marketplace messages are shown in the general conversation history

Messenger Lite: Free Calls Messagesfor Android


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