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Hago is a free Chinese app developed by Hago Games that lets you connect with other gamers and play together. You can enjoy a wide array of titles, talk to your friends in chatrooms, go live, and earn awards. What's more, these rewards can be exchanged for cash in real-life and in-game prizes.

Game selection

Hago boasts a library of over 100 available games. Most are single or multiplayer mini-games, but there are also some with more extended gameplay. Most titles are 1v1 or 2v2, but some can cater to up to 10 gamers simultaneously. You’ll need an Internet connection to play any of these, and you can’t download the games like on Google Play Store, for example.

Social options

The games will hook you on Hago, but the ability to socialize makes it even more addictive. You can play with nearby people, chat with them, and even make new friends by sending requests to accounts you liked.

You’ll also find various chatrooms to join, dedicated to games, multiple hobbies, and interests. This app takes a different approach than Discord to socialization, though, letting only eight members use the voice chat and play games, while the rest can only text. 

There’s also a streaming feature, albeit much less developed than the one you’ll find on Twitch. Still, you can watch real people’s gameplay and go live yourself. Hosting chats and live streams grants you cashable coins, too.

Bugs & issues

Hago packs quite a punch with its numerous features, but its interface comes with significant issues. It’s unresponsive at times, forcing you to close it and lose game progress. Some games do the same or take forever to load. When it comes to chatting, the app could place you in a random chatroom that’s not to your tastes, as Hago is sometimes home to vulgar social groups.

Our take

Overall, Hago has an exciting, fun idea. However, the loading bugs and crashes make using it a disappointment compared to what it promises. It might smooth out its issues in the future and become a global phenomenon, though.

Should you download it?

No. While the games and the social aspect of Hago are alluring, there are much better, more stable alternatives for you to enjoy. Other social platforms that also cater to gamers such as Discord or Twitch. 


  • Extensive game selection
  • Chatrooms and voice chats
  • Cashable awards for gameplay


  • Games load too slowly

Hagofor Android


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