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Free India calling app

IndyCall is a free Android phone app that lets you make free calls to India. You won’t need to use a credit card or list any form of payment, as you can merely insert the number to make the call. There’s also a handy phonebook to see if the person is listed in the app.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to call a few times before you’re successful. It also limits you to how long you can make the free call based on where you live. If you want to remove ads or increase the call duration, you will need to purchase indyminutes. There’s also an identity caller function that’s similar to Truecaller and Talkatone.

Make a free call to India

You can make a manual call to someone in India or use the phonebook within IndyCall. There aren’t many features besides inserting a number and calling it. If you want to have someone contact you from India, you can list your number too.

Watch adverts for more free calls

The one catch is that you need to watch an advert before you can access your free call. Furthermore, your call may not be successful the first few tries, which can be annoying. If you want to increase call durations, you can tap on Indycall Booster to see which options are available.

Buying Indyminutes

The one method you can use to avoid adverts and extends call durations is by buying indyminutes. As the name suggests, each indyminute is as long as one minute. It’s a sneaky way to get you interested in the application before asking for your money.

Our take

IndyCall may be a free app for making calls to India, but you may end up spending money anyway to make the call worth it. The duration is short, and you’ll need to watch adverts to activate them. You’ll need to decide how badly you need to make the call when you can use apps like Skype and Zoom instead.

Should I download it?

No, as you’ll quickly become annoyed at the adverts and short call durations. If you’re willing to buy indyminutes, then there’s no harm in trying it out.


  • Call anyone in India for free
  • Contains a phone book
  • You can list your number


  • Doesn’t always work the first few tries
  • Short call duration
  • Free calls dependent on watching adverts

IndyCallfor Android


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