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Free, lightweight communication app

imo Lite is the new, improved version of imo’s popular communication app.

Improvements include a reduction in file size, accelerating downloads and minimizing storage requirements on your phone, and more efficient data usage during calls.

What is IMO Lite?

Just like its more illustrious competitors WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, imo Lite for Android lets you make superfast free calls, as well as send text messages, files, and voice messages. Best of all, it has all the same features as the standard version of imo’s popular messaging app.

How do I install IMO on my phone?

It’s not available from Google Play, so you’ll need to find the APK on the web and download it from there. Then follow these steps on your Android phone:

  1. When shown the alert which says that files downloaded from other sources could damage your phone, press ‘OK’ to proceed
  2. Once the download has finished, you’ll be prompted to open the file
  3. Next, you’ll need to permit access to your phone
  4. Confirm your phone number to create your free account
  5. If you agree with the terms of use, click the checkmark
  6. You will receive a code from imo Lite via SMS, enter it into the app
  7. Allowing imo Lite access to your contacts will be helpful if none of your friends are already on the app

Can IMO calls be traced?

Yes, with a tracking app such as imo Spy App, all forms of communication via the app can be traced.

Is imo Lite safe?

Yes, imo Lite is safe to download. We didn’t experience any malware threat when installing the app.

Our take

imo Lite app works perfectly, but we don’t see any point in compromising your privacy as the app offers the same features and functions as other, more secure apps.

Should you download it?

No. When there are mainstream calling and messaging apps freely available that have robust encryption, we don't recommend installing imo Lite.


  • Free app
  • Uses less data on calls than the main version
  • Same features as the main version
  • Simple to install
  • No ads


  • Questionable security of communications
  • Less popular than mainstream apps, so you need to invite your contacts

Program available in other languages

imo Litefor Android


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